My New Year’s Entry

I’ve been going around blog land and reading everyone’s new year’s blogs, and they are a joy to read. There is something about beginning a new year that brings retrospective and projective thinking. We like to look back at our year, and what we’ve done or haven’t done, and then look toward to the future at all the possibilities. I too, am feeling like that a bit today, and thought I would share my thoughts too.

For me, any looking back this year, I am reminded of how the Lord has continued to show me His love. How, even when I didn’t understand, when I was going through hard, low times. How, when I blamed Him for so many things, He never gave up on me. He pursued me, He ached for me, He loved me through it all, and wouldn’t let me stay in those wrong thought patterns. I think of the wonderful Christian women He has surrounded me with in the new bible study He has me going too. I think of the love and acceptance He has lavished on me through them. I am just so blessed by it all. I pray this year I continue to focus on Him, I continue to learn more and more about His love, and that I continue to grow in my time in His Word.

I also feel a strong pull to be in His Word more. I have my morning time in His Word (almost a little to robotic, got to make sure I’m not just ‘doing’ but actually in there to be closer to Him). But once my morning time is done, I tend to not go back into His Word at all throughout the day.  I’m trying very hard not to make it something I need to ‘do’. But I also need to know that I can’t learn to love Him more, I can’t grow in my love for Him, my Husband, if I don’t spend time with Him. I think of my earthly husband, Paul, and how much our marriage would suffer if I spent 15 minutes with him every morning, and then nothing else beyond that. It would crumble quickly. I don’t want that to happen with my Lord. I have some different ideas in how to spend more time in His Word during the day, we’ll see how they work.

I’ve also realized how much updating my online friends is taking away from me actually doing things to update about.  But I also need to realize I can’t always update everything I’m doing on my blog, twitter and facebook every hour, and that’s what I’ve been trying to do. Constantly wondering if I’m ‘missing’ something on FB or twittter (like a child who doesn’t want to go to sleep in case they ‘miss’ something). Plus getting overwhelmed with all the ‘areas’ I have to update, i.e. my website, blog, twitter and facebook. It’s all a bit overwhelming. For now I’m not going to worry about my website (or at least try not to worry about it ). I don’t know the direction I’m going with it yet, and I have to just let it be. My blog, well I’m going to try to do more concise updates, instead of long ones. As far as Twitter and Facebook, I’m staying with them, but I wont’ be on them as much. I need to get over the feeling of missing out on things, and just realize that I can’t always go back and read all I’ve missed (more on Facebook and twitter).

So what are the things I’m going to be doing? I really want to try my hand at making jewelry. I’ve found out so many of my friends make jewelry too, and they have all gave me so many good tips. I can’t wait to try all of them out, and I really want to see if this is something I can get into. I want to try practicing either the guitar and/or piano a bit more. Plus I want to work more on my crochet and possibly knitting a bit more. And try to work on taking some more photos, see if that is a something I can get into. I have all these hobbies I want to try, and won’t know how much I really like doing them, if I’m constantly online trying to update about my hobbies.  So please know if you don’t hear from me as often, it’s because I’m trying to live my life more than just writing about it all the time. And with that being said, think it’s time to end this, and spend time with my hubby (which is the most important thing I’m going to do away from the computer, spending time with my family).


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