My next crochet project

I have finally decided on my next crochet project, well my next big project. I’m currently working on crocheting a mug cozy and have it just about done. But I forget to take pictures today when I had my camera out. 🙁 I’ll get a picture when it’s all done.

But I’ve been wanting to make a craft/yarn bag for a while, but really couldn’t find a pattern that I liked. I was over at Heather’s blog today, and through that post looked at some of the other ladies that visit her blog that crochet too. While doing that I found the perfect crochet bag project for me to try on Attic 24 blog. Lucy makes some really fun things, and I think I’ll be getting some fun project ideas from her.

I like the colors she used for her bag better than the colors I’m using for mine. But I have all this yarn, and I really don’t want to have to spend money for more. Hubby let me know that the colors I have will look good together, because you know me, I’m not good with putting colors together since I usually stick with neutral colors. But I’m going to step out again with colors and start working on this bag. Here is a picture of the yarn I am going to use. (Mom, does most of these colors look familiar? It was for the other project we were going to do. 😀 ).


Please don’t get me wrong, I do like the colors, but I wish I could stick with more of a mauve/pink set of colors. But again, I want to use up what I have in the house and not go spend money on more yarn. Who knows, if I really like this maybe in the future I’ll make another bag in different colors. 🙂

Oh, and my camera is finally cleaned. I was so bummed to realize the speck was on the inside of my camera and not just on the lens. I’m thankful that our local camera store, owned by a Christian, can clean the sensor. I took it to the store, and talked with the owner who reassured me I didn’t do anything wrong. But he took the hand held rocket blower, took off my lens and just blew inside my camera. I’m still nervous seeing things like that and have no desire to try and do it myself. But wouldn’t you know, it worked! It’s all cleaned, and I didn’t have to pay to have the sensor actually cleaned. I’m so thankful that it didn’t cost me any money and that it’s also a normal thing that happens, that I didn’t go anything wrong with my camera. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “My next crochet project”

  1. Yes JoAnn, I’ve seen those colors before, in fact I think I have some just like them, hahahaha. I’m thinking of useing them with the looms too, or other things. Looking forward to seeing the mug cozy. Glad you share so I can see them. Love

  2. Hello JoAnn and lovely to meet you, thank you for your lovely comment over at mine. Lucy’s bag is really easy to make but if you have any problems let me know and I will try to help you. I think the colours you have are fine, I used left over yarn as well from when I made my ripple. Good luck xxx

  3. Hi JoAnn~

    You’ll love Lucy’s bag; I made one for myself a year and a half ago. It’s wonderful for holding yarny projects, or anything, really! Happy for you that you’re venturing out into the world of colour – looking forward to seeing your progress!

    Happy Hooking, my friend~

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