My week so far

It’s been a good week so far, and remember I’m in the middle of my week.  Our ‘weekend’ this week is Wednesday and Thursday.  🙂  I am really looking forward to tonight.  The man who owns the store where we bought our camera, he goes to our church.  And he’s having the first of two classes tonight teaching us how to use our DSLR cameras.  I’m so excited.  Paul is going with, so we can both learn how to use the camera to it’s full advantage.  Ok, so maybe we won’t use it to it’s full advantage, but I would like to learn how to use it more.  I am getting much more comfortable with it, and I’ve had fun taking lots of pictures.

I’ve also been working on some crafts and finished a wash cloth I was crocheting. I needed something that would scrub more than my normal dish cloths.  My mom gave me this pattern, and I made it bigger than normal.  Though it’s not the neatest crocheting around, I think it turned out pretty good.  And I used it this morning while cleaning, and it seemed to clean well.

After I took this photo I set my camera down on the cloth, just because it was a soft surface and it got me thinking.  I should crochet myself a camera cloth. Something soft that I can set my camera on when I’m not using it and its not in it’s bag.  Truthfully, I’m still nervous having it just sit around the house, and it’s usually in its bag, but I know I should have it out more.  The more visible it is the more I’ll get use to using it.  I know Chris, the camera guy, said this class will also encourage me to use my camera more.  I’m sure it will.  Plus, Paul and I insured the camera and both lenses so if anything happens it’s ok.  But I’m still nervous leaving it sit around.

I spent a nice afternoon outside on Saturday and did some studies.  I needed to catch up on my bible study book I’m doing with the woman’s group I go to on Tuesdays.  I haven’t been there, for what seems like ages, between traveling, concerts and just plain busyness.  But I am going tomorrow night, so I needed to get caught up on that.  Plus I’m doing a photography course a friend of mine is letting me borrow.  I’ve only done the first part of the first book, but so far I like it.  Of course, now that I’m not in high school anymore, I like taking classes now.  I always like to picture myself hard studying whatever topic I happen to take.  Not that I’ll be taking any classes soon, just not in the budget right now, but maybe in the future.  It was a beautiful day outside and I really enjoyed studying out there.

We finally put the Jeep in the shop today, I’m hoping it will be done by Thursday at the latest.  Like I told Paul today, I’m spoiled, I like my a/c and power everything in my Jeep.  His truck, that I’m driving right now, has no a/c and no power steering.  Ugh.  Plus I was teaching Sarah how to drive the truck today, it’s a clutch.  She’s doing good.  Paul has taken her out a couple of times.  My neck is a bit sore, but she really is learning it well.  🙂
I’m glad I can finally finish this post.  Our phone & internet service has been going out on us today.  I guess a cable was down and they’ve been working on it to fix it.  I’m glad it’s getting fixed, but it’s kind of a pain to be working on a blog post, then loose the internet.  I’m thankful for the auto save option.  🙂

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