Never ending spam

Well, it has finally happened, I am getting attacked by spam.  I knew when I set up this site the occasional spam I was getting wouldn’t last long. Eventually my site would be hit by the spam-bot spammers, and today is that day. I’ve gotten more spam this morning that I have all year. Thankfully, none of it actually goes to my site, but getting those emails is a bit annoying. I don’t like CAPTCHA, never have, so I’m trying a new spam blocker. You will notice when you leave a comment you have to copy and paste the ‘password’ that is given. I have tested it, and it seems to work fine. I think it’s a lot easier than CAPTCHA, since you can just highlight it, copy it and paste it. You don’t have to try and ‘see’ anything or type anything. Let me know what you think of it. Is it too intrusive? Is it not working for you? Is it making my site slower? Have you left comments before and now after you leave a comment you are not seeing your comment? I have a feature turned on that if I’ve approved your comment before, your comment should be automatically activated and you should see it instantly. If that has happened in the past, but is not happening now, please let me know. As we all know, spam is on ongoing issue and I don’t want anyone to be turned away from my site because of a spam blocker I have on. So please let me know your thoughts and experiences. Thanks.

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8 thoughts on “Never ending spam”

  1. Testing, testing…this works really slick JoAnn. I approve…you may proceed. 🙂 I like how my name, etc. automatically comes up, nice touch.

  2. Testing this is only a test. The other one worked fine so checking this now. Hope your day is going good even with these issues. Talk soon.

  3. Hi Jo Ann
    We just returned from three weeks in Scotland. Hope to update after I recover a bit from jet-lag. I’ve been up since midnight last night.
    Missed my computer and blogging friends.

  4. Oh, spam is obnoxious! I hate CAPTCHA too, but this seems to be pretty slick, as a previous commenter said. Doesn’t seem to be slowing anything down.

    Sick boy at home today, so we are in lock down until the fever is gone. Hope everyone is healthy in your home, and that you have a lovely weekend!

  5. Testing out your spam blocker. I hope this works for you. Seams easy enough to me! Whoops, I didn’t pay attention on my first try.

  6. Hey JoAnn,

    I use the Aksimet plug in, recommended by Blogging with Amy. It catches it all and sends me no emails.
    But this seems to work as well. This is neat; I’ve never seen it before.

    Have a blessed Sunday, and keep on resting as much as you need to.


    Annie Kate

  7. I use that same plugin mentioned by the above comment. It is working fine for me although I still have to delete a lot but at least they go into a spam area and not in the comments.

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