New haircuts

Sarah and I went for haircuts last Thursday. I pretty much wanted to keep my same style, I just wanted it shorter. But Sarah, she decided to go for a whole new look. 🙂

Here are my before and after. It is hard to tell by this photo, but I had about 6 inches taken off. My hair feels so much lighter, and it will be nice for the summer. Plus, I think I like the look with it a bit shorter.


Like I said, Sarah when for a real different but cute cut. I love how it looks on her. She was wearing it straight today. This haircut is so versatile, she can look different every day if she wanted. She truly looks like the grown up young lady she is.

sarahhaircut copy

I thought about going real short like Sarah’s, but I wasn’t that adventurous. Well not yet anyway. 😉

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4 thoughts on “New haircuts”

  1. Your cuts look great!

    I went short a few years ago, and I haven’t looked back. The frustrating thing for my is that my hairdresser doesn’t always cut it the same way, so sometimes it is easy to style, and other times it isn’t.

  2. love the haircuts. they both look great. Sarah does look more grownup and the beautiful face shines forth. You would look good in short hair but I do like the few inches you got cut because it does have a better look and shape. Your both beautiful thanks for sharing. Love

  3. Love love love Sarah’s haircut! It really does suit her. I went short a few weeks ago, completely by accident. Both Danny and I worked on my hair (cutting), then I ended up at the hair salon to “even it out.” It turned out great, but so much shorter than I’ve had it recently!

    I think your haircut looks great, too. It really fits your face, and is so pretty and THICK. Love it!

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