New site and sickness

Yep, that title explains what I have been up to lately.  First, lets talk about fun things, my new website.  😀  I have owned my own website for a couple of years now, and I was never really sure how I wanted to use my site.  Well actually, I always new how I wanted to use my, but I couldn’t get it set up the way I wanted.  WordPress did an update within the last year, and with that update I am now able to have my site the way I want.  I now have multiple blogs on one website.  I’ve moved my posts over, and I moved the Google connect over.  So if you use google connect as your blog reader to know when I’ve added new posts, hopefully that should continue to update with my new site settings.  If you read my blog through the RSS feed you will have to update that feed in your reader.  I tried to make it somewhat seamless, but truthfully with the sicknesses we’ve been dealing with, I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to, so this is how it’s going to have to be.  I hope you update what needs to be and continue to read my posts.


Now for the non-fun things, sickness.  I think it’s funny that my last post was a health post, because this week my health has been horrible.  Paul had a real nasty cold about 2 weeks ago.  He continued to work while he had it, which now I don’t know how he ever did that.  I had originally thought my little sniffles and such was the cold he got, and the virus that my doctor saw in my blood tests, but now I know I was wrong.  I pulled my hip muscle real bad about a week ago.  I’ve been trying to rest it, though I know I never really rested it enough.  Well last Sunday Paul and I went grocery shopping and I thought he was going to have to carry me through the end of shopping, my hip hurt so bad.  Then, as odd as it sounds, while we were shopping I all of a sudden felt like I had a chest cold.  Just like that, out of no where I started feeling sick.  That started a week long time of trying to rest, dealing with pain in my hip, non-stop (well at least it seems like non-stop) coughing, sinus pain and pressure and generally the worst cold I’ve had in a long time.  First the cold was kind of light, and my hip was hurting so bad.  I almost went to the doctor on Thursday or Friday for my hip because I pulled it again.  But by Friday it started feeling better, though my cold hit the hardest part over the weekend, when my doctor’s office is not open.  I came close to having Paul take me to urgent care today because my sinus’ hurt so bad last night I swear I have a sinus infection.  But the urgent care messed up a diagnosis and treatment for me last time I was there, so I’m trying my hardest to wait until Monday that way I can get into my doctor’s office.  But honestly today, I’m feeling a tad better.  But it’s been like this for about 7 days now.  One day one thing feels better but something else feels worse.  Except for Saturday, that was my worst day ever and I never really left my bedroom, I felt horrible.  And one of the biggest problems is I can’t sleep more than an hour or so because I cough so much I wake myself up.  🙁  But I used a Neti pot for the first time last night, and it really helped with my post nasal drip, and I could actually sleep 2 hours before I woke up coughing.  I think that’s why I’m feeling better, I actually got a little bit of sleep last night.  I’m still not sure about the doctor.  I doubt I would go to urgent care today, but I might still go to my doctor tomorrow if I don’t see a drastic improvement tomorrow.  Paul’s cold is finally gone, but we are watching the kids and praying they don’t get it.  This cold is just nasty.  I’ve had to miss a bible study, mom’s night out and church two different nights.  I’m really praying I’m feeling better soon, I want to get to see people again.


But I guess I’m still a blogger at heart, because one of the days I wasn’t feeling good I turned and looked at my nightstand and thought I need to take a picture and blog about this.  🙂


Just seeing the cough drop, different medicines, water, cough drop wrappers all squeezed on my night stand just caught my eye.  Actually last night I had even more stuff up there.  Plus, though it’s not in this picture, my tissues were right next to this.  I’m really praying that I have rounded the corner and I will be better tomorrow.  But through all of this, I have rested my hip and it’s feeling better.  So hopefully something good has come out of all of this.  🙂


I think one of the hardest parts is the fact that during this sickness and time to rest, I couldn’t work on my website like I wanted.  My sinus’ hurt so bad I couldn’t stare at the computer that long.  And for those who know me, know that ‘resting’ to me means sitting while doing something else, computer work, crafts, reading, something.  But all those things require upclose eye work which I just couldn’t do last week, and still only a little today.  Enough to finally make the website switch and update you all on why I haven’t been around.  I really do hope that I can start doing a bit more work on the laptop soon.  Now that I have my website up and running, I really want to use it more.  Plus there’s some behind the scenes tweaking I need to do.  I hope you all have a great week and that you are all healthy and not dealing with any kind of cold like this.

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7 thoughts on “New site and sickness”

  1. I sure hope you are feeling better…Praying for you!
    I love your site! And I am using Fitness Pal daily thanks to you! It is sooooo easy to use and really has become a great tool.

  2. Your new site is beautiful!

    Sorry to hear you’ve been sick. I hope you feel better soon. I too, find it hard to rest and do nothing.

    Praying we don’t get sick as we have two trips coming up–to the city tomorrow for a couple of days, and then to Scotland this fall.

  3. First, I must say that I think you did a great job with this new blog. Congratulations!!! Second, I am soooooo sorry you’ve been so sick. I am dreading this winter and the illness that always comes. I hope you get some relief soon.

  4. Oh, I’m sorry you’ve been feeling so sick! It sounds dreadful. I pray you’ll soon be able to rest your way (the same way I rest, LOL) and that the kids won’t get sick.

    The new blog looks great. I have to find out about hosting multiple blogs on one site. That sounds interesting.


    Annie Kate

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