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We decided to ‘upgrade’ our cell phones. We choose to use the Net10 pay as you go service, because it works out fine for us. And we bought just ‘simple’ phones when we first got them about a year ago. We had been in a contract, and due to financial changes, had to end the contract and get rid of the phones. Once we could afford a simple phone again, we choose this one, because it was easy for us to control how much we spent. I’ll admit, I was getting tired of texting without a keyboard.  A luxury, I know, but I’m being honest. So Paul and I talked the other day and decided it was time to upgrade. I saw these phones, and they were on sale, $20.00 off. I like a good sale. So we made the jump and bought the phones.

In the midst of us talking about upgrading our phones, we started talking about getting Sarah her own phone. We had always said she wouldn’t get one until she was 16 (she’s only 14 1/2), but she has been busy with a lot of things lately, and is constantly taking my phone so she can call us when she’s done. With the pay as you go, we can spend as low as $10 a month to get her one. So in the cell phone ‘jump’ we got her one too. She was excited, and completely surprised. This is a responsibility for her, and she knows she has to watch her own minutes. We are only supplying her with so many minutes a month, and she has to always have at least 40 or 50 minutes so she can use the phone. If she wants to save up her money and buy more minutes, that’s up to her. I wanted her to have one, but wasn’t really sure we could afford the extra money right now. But after talking to my hubby, he said yes. So this is a trial period right now. And if it doesn’t work, we just use up the minutes and she’s done. But I think it will be fine. She knows the rule, no texting during school time, and though we have web access on them, no web access right now. With unlimited, highspeed internet, no reason to waste our cell minutes. Oh, and these have cameras on them too, she likes that.

So that was our night last night, and I’ve included some pictures so you can see our phones. And, because all our phones look exact, Sarah and I decided to make some beaded ‘chains’ for our cell phones. I know you can buy them, but why bother? We have the beads and materials. We put these together super quick last night, and will probably make some new ones soon. But they are good enough for now, and cute, I think. So I hope you enjoy the slide show of our new phones. (If you read this blog entry through an email update or on Facebook, you need to go to my blog to see the picture slide show.)

The other exciting news, though not in a fun way exciting, was that Sarah fainted yesterday morning.  It’s an understatement to say it scared me, it was more than that. We were talking in the morning, she started feeling lighted and dizzy, which she has dealt with her whole life if she’s hungry. She sat on the floor, then just slumped over and passed out. I started shaking her, lightly tapping her face, and finally she woke up. She was ok, got some breakfast, but I set up a doctor’s appointment anyway. He said, from simple, initial tests, she was fine. His exact words, “She’s tall and skinny and doesn’t have enough reserves in her to wait 1 1/2 hours after waking up before she eats!” Oh, to have that problem, not enough fat reserves on me.  Plus he said possible slight dehydration, she just doesn’t drink enough during the day. So she is now going to eat about 5 or 6 small meals a day. The doctor didn’t encourage that, but she just doesn’t have the stomach to eat big meals, so this will work better. And she needs to start drinking more fluids during the day. I need to start that too, I know I don’t drink enough either. So we bought her a water bottle, and I have mine, and we are both going to try to drink one to two bottles a day.  I’m just glad she is ok. I seriously don’t want to have to go through that again. Here we are with our new water bottles.

Well, time to work on some other craft projects. Lots of fun things coming up this weekend, I’ll try and blog about them tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by, and please say hi.


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