New year, sicknesses and blessings

Yes, we are starting our new year with sicknesses running through our house. We had plans to go to a friends house for New Years Eve, but Paulie started getting sick Saturday night. 🙁 Sunday he was worse and I was starting to feel sick myself, so we knew we would have to cancel for Monday night. Which turned out to be a good thing because by Monday morning I was worse and Paul was sick too, though Paulie was feeling better.

It was a quiet night but fun still the same. We played some Xbox, watched some movies and played a game of scrabble (which Paul won 🙂 ). We made it until midnight and rang in the new year with hugs and kisses all around. We stayed up a bit longer, but we were all in bed by 1:00am. It was a bummer that we weren’t feeling the best and that we couldn’t go to our friends house, but we had a blessed time anyway. It was a blessing to be with family and enjoy each others company. I’m also blessed that we weren’t so sick that we couldn’t stay up and count down to the new year.

I’m still not feeling the best today, dealing with a bad sinus headache, and Paul had to go to work even though he’s not feeling the best either. But I’m thankful that Paulie is feeling better, just a cough and Sarah doesn’t seem to have caught this bug. I didn’t get any photos taken last night, just wasn’t on my mind. I do hope to get out in the snow when I’m feeling better and get some nice shots.

I’ve also been working on my afghan though not as much as I would like. All I feel like doing is either read or work on my afghan and with a sinus headache it’s hard to do either one for any length of time. But I am resting and drinking lots of fluids, so I’m hoping that by tomorrow the headache is at least gone. Because tomorrow starts us back on a normal routine. School will start again, the house will need cleaning, the laundry will need to be done and the list goes on. And I wouldn’t mind doing any of those things, as long as this headache goes away. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “New year, sicknesses and blessings”

  1. I’m so sorry you are all so sick. Hopefully this will be its final blow and you will all get feeling great soon. The headache was the worse for Carrie too. Seems thats the hardest and then the cough that lingers. But like you say, a lot of fluids and rest and hopefully health will return. We made it to midnight but didn’t do anything. And right at midnight we said Happy New Year and that was it, lights out. And Carrie fell asleep and Jessi couldn’t go to Dan’s because she has a upper resparatory infection ( not the right spelling) anyway on antibiotics and feel terrible. Dan’s family seems fine. Well I’m getting house back in order. Oh need the directions for that little holder you made for me and what directions did you use for the dish cloths? I think its a little different then what I usually do. Get well. I’ll be praying Love

  2. Hope your household is on the mend soon. My husband has been sick also. So far, neither ds nor I have caught it. I’m hoping it stays that way. Your new year’s eve sounds nice. Ours was an early one. Back to school tomorrow for us as well. Take care, Heather

  3. I think Jeannie was right; we’re all sharing a virus. Hah, that made me laugh.

    I hope you’re well now; I’m still coughing but not as badly as before, and the kids are not well yet either. We started back on our normal routine yesterday and I’d forgotten how much work we normally do!

    Enjoy the coziness of winter, and rest lots!

  4. Well, despite the fact that you were ill, it sounds like you had a pretty good New Year celebration. I was sick during the New Year as well, but my husband and I were still able to have some enjoyment.

    I hope that you’re feeling better soon. Hopefully, you’ll show us your afghan when it’s completed.


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