One of those days.

It’s been one of those days, but thankfully things have calmed down now.  Being it’s Monday, the kids & I were trying to get back to lessons, I needed to clean, and Sarah had bible study this afternoon.  But a wrench got thrown into the mix when our computer went down.  Sarah couldn’t do her work on it, because it wouldn’t read the CD drive, we couldn’t get to the internet for any researching, and the kids had to share the laptop.  I’m thankful for the laptop.  I tried figuring out what was wrong, taking quick breaks while cleaning.  Wrong move.  That just made things frustrating for me, feeling like I was getting pulled in two different directions.  I finally just walked away from it, told the kids what subjects they could skip because of it, and finished the house.  Then, once the house and lunch was done I sat down to work on it.  Like I said, I’m so very thankful for the laptop.  As I kept praying about it, the Lord would show me different things to look up.  After about 2 hours of work, I’m happy to say the computer is working again.  Oh, and Sarah decided she was too tired for bible study this afternoon.  Kind of nice I didn’t have to run out in the middle of it all.

I’m also completely done with our taxes.  That’s always a nice thing to finish.  I really need to start making a curriculum list, which I usually can’t wait to do.  But after today, I’m just not up to it right now.  Maybe later tonight or tomorrow.  I think the biggest thing is hubby & I need to get together on a couple of subjects, and it makes it hard with his schedule.  I think maybe we’ll work together on it on one of his days off.  Thankfully it’s not a rush, since the kids already know what they will be doing the rest of this year, none of that will change.

I’m just so surprised how things have changed, how I have changed, since Paul’s new job, and our new & ever changing schedule.  I use to be so rigid about things, but didn’t realize how rigid.  I did things the same way, day after day, year after year.  I mean, I would have my curriculum list done & ordered by now.  The taxes would have been done last week.  I would be counting down the days already to the end of the school year.  And I would be wondering what we would be doing for spring break.  But I’m not doing any of those things.  I just am not worried about getting things done right now.  Oh, I am working, and I know I’ll get things done when they need to, but it’s just so different.

When Paul first got this job at the deli department of a local grocery store (a job he’s always wanted and loves doing), I was so stressed wondering how I would ever adapt to the schedule.  I’m a very scheduled person.  I like my routine, I like my lists, I like knowing how everything is going to flow.  And knowing my husband was starting retail I knew that would all be thrown out the window.  I had everyone I knew praying for me, and the prayers were answered.  There are still times it drives me crazy with his ever changing schedule, but for the most part we’ve all adapted pretty well.  I’m thankful for the Lord getting us through it all.  But what I wasn’t expecting was this sense of not having to get things done like I’ve always done.  I wasn’t expecting this complete relaxing in other areas.  I just wasn’t expecting any of that.  It’s weird how much ones life is wrapped in schedules and how or when things get done.  I always thought I was kind of a “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of girl.  That I was spontaneous, and such.  Maybe I was in some areas, but not in others.  Not that one way is right or wrong, just interesting when you see such a change in yourself.

My nephew and his wife stopped by today so Sarah could see the baby.  She was away this weekend and missed seeing him in the hospital.  I’m so happy they were out this way and that Danny thought of stopping by, it saves us an hour trip to go see him right away.  Doesn’t she look cute holding Chase?
I guess I was pretty naive thinking we only had two mice in our house.  As I was sitting here working on my laptop, hubby playing some Wii and the kids watching a movie all of a sudden we hear the snap of a mouse trap I had set last week.  And what’s funny is earlier today I could have sworn that the peanut butter was slowly disappearing on the trap.  I just couldn’t figure it out.  I looked around the trap and there was no signs of mice.  And I even looked in the cabinet & drawer they got in before to make sure there was no signs of them.  But the peanut butter just seemed to be getting smaller and smaller today.  Then tonight, snap.  I guess he was eating off the trap.  I just don’t understand why when we’ve never had issues with them before, ever, we are all of a sudden having issues now.  I think that’s what frustrates me the most, how are they all of a sudden getting in now?  I just keep praying that they don’t get into my cabinets again.  I really hate having to be watchful of mouse poop in every drawer and cabinet door I open.  I’ve lived that way before, I have no desire to live that way again.  I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow, so I’ll pick up more traps & some poison to throw under the house.  But I’m also writing my landlord and letting him know what’s happening.  I still think they have chewed into something or somethings changed that is allowing them into the house.  We’ve lived here for over 3 years and never had one in our house, now 3 within 2 weeks.  Something, somewhere has changed and I’m hoping my landlord will send someone over to check it out.

Well, I’m tired now, and if I keep writing and thinking about the possible mice in the house I’m really going to get irritated and distressed.  I’m going to sign off, get ready for bed and pray that I can get more traps & things tomorrow before they get into cabinets & drawers.  Thankfully we still have one trap left, hopefully that will be enough until tomorrow afternoon.


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