One of those (or couple of) days

I was thinking it’s been one of those days, but actually it’s been one of those couple of days.  Nothing major, just enough little things to add up to make it one of ‘those’ days.  Well I guess one major thing did happen, our printer broke yesterday in the middle of me printer Sarah’s Spanish workbook.  It’s never a good time to loose a printer, but right before school is to start is one of the worst times.  You never know how much you use something until it’s gone, and today alone I’ve tried printing 3 different things, only to realize I don’t have a printer!  Ugh.  We were going to try and get ours fixed, since we spent a good deal of money on it about 1 1/2 years ago (over $300).  But it seems that no one wants to work on printers anymore because you can get them so ‘cheap’.  True, I have seen printers that might work for us for between $50-$80, and yes that is cheap compared to what we paid.  But when you don’t have any money at all to spend, $50-$80 is not cheap.  A friend says she has one we can have, once they are done using it, not sure when that will be.  So the question right now is, pay $15 at Staples and get the rest of Sarah’s workbook printed out, or buy a printer with money we don’t have, or just wait for our friend’s printer and Sarah skip the first few weeks of using her Spanish workbook.  I really hate times like this.

But really I don’t mean for this to be a ‘oh pity party me’ post.  Today actually is a pretty good day.  The storms we have been having have blown out just in time for Sarah to have her 16th birthday slumber party.  Her birthday is actually next Friday, but we’ve decided she could have a slumber party, and so we are doing that early.  There will only be 2 girls spending the night, but 3 or 4 coming over for the party.  A friend is loaning us a two room tent that we will set up in the back yard in a couple of hours.  We wanted to set the tent up last night, but too many storms made that impossible.  We’ll get pizza for the girls, plus we have munchies and of course makings for smores for the bonfire they will have later.  Paulie is spending the night at a friends house and once the party gets going, Paul and I will probably close ourselves off in our bedroom.  There’s no way for the girls to watch movies or anything outside, and there is the slightest chance for rain tonight, so they will have the living room at their disposal too.  That’s why Paul and I will probably hide.  🙂  lol  It should be a good time. Sarah’s friends are sweet girls, and they will have some fun, eat too much, stay up too late and giggle all night.  Guess we’ll see what the neighbors say to us tomorrow.

We officially start school Monday.  We just got Paul’s schedule and he has next Thursday and Friday off (Friday being Sarah’s birthday).  So that means we’ll have school this week Monday through Wednesday then again on Saturday.  It’s nice to know our schedule this week and the exact day we will start.  We really are ready, there are just two things I need to finish.  Printing Sarah’s Spanish workbook and recording Paulie’s spelling words.  I’ll be recording his spelling words in a bit, so that should be done today.  It feels good to be done and ready to go on Monday.

Well I should get to recording those spelling words.  Here is a picture of some of the goodies we got for tonight.  Oh, and if I haven’t left you a comment on a recent post in a while, please let me know.  I marked my blog reader, that had over 100 blog entries for me to read, as ‘mark all as read’.  So I lost all of your updated posts.  I tried to go out and find some who had updated, but I’m sure I missed some.  If I missed you, please let me know.  I don’t want to miss reading your posts.  Like I said, it’s been one of those kind of days.  🙂


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