Do you like to organize?  I love to organize.  I like to organize my craft area, bedroom, kitchen.  My laptop files, my pictures and even today I organized my blog reader!  😛 Like I said, I really do like to organize.  It makes me feel good to have things in order and where I can find them.  With that, I love to collect things that help me organize.  Cubbies, plastic bins, cute holders and more.  You get me in a store that has organizing items, and I want to spend tons of money, I don’t, but I want to.  lol

Now I’m not saying my house is perfect or completely organized.  There are many areas that aren’t organized at all or very little.  But when I have the time and desire, oh my, look out.  Like last Sunday.  I was trying to go through my blog reader and it was so disorganized and messy, I never read half of the blogs I like.  I had tons of blogs on there that aren’t live or I don’t even read anymore.  So I moved to a more simple blog reader, Feedly, brought over my list and organized them all in neat categories.  I deleted old ones I don’t read anymore.  Plus, with this new season of life I’m in, I’m trying to find more blogs that I relate with.  It really was a lot of fun.

You would think there is no down side to liking to organize so much, would you, but there is.  I love to organize, but I’m not really good at following through with what I organize.  🙄  I can organize my craft area like crazy so I can easily work on my crafts.  Once it’s organized do I work on them more?  Nope, I usually find something else to do and someplace else to organize.  That is really bad.  Even with organizing my blog reader, its so that I can more easily read the blog posts from friends and that interest me the most.  But will I actually read them, or just get really behind on it all?  I hope to keep up with reading them, but my track record says I will just fall behind again.

I really want to change that.  I want to continue to have fun and organize, but after the organization to actually work with what I’ve just cleaned up.  🙂

I don’t always remember to take before and after photos.  And with my health issues the past year, I haven’t had a lot of energy or desire to organize.  But now that I have more energy, I’m already feeling the desire to organize more.

I did get one little project done.  I have keyboards that I want to start learning again.  I took piano lessons as a child for a year, but would like to start again.  They’ve been packed away with no room in the house to bring them out.  But now we have the spare room that used to be Sarah’s room.  So I set up the keyboards again, but I didn’t have a proper cover for them, or a power cord.  I went on Amazon and found what I needed and ordered them, and now my little project is organized.  I do hope I actually get in there and start practicing again soon.

dsc_0130 dsc_0132

What about you?  Do you like to organize?  Do you finish anything after you’ve done organizing?  Or do you prefer to be a little less organized and get a lot more done?  I would love to hear what others do or don’t do.  🙂

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  1. Maintaining is the key, and so hard as you have pointed out! I am organized in some areas and losing ground in others, like paper. Good job getting the keyboard back up and running. Just a few minutes a day will make a difference!

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