Our 18th Anniversary!!! :)

Today we are celebrating our 18th anniversary. It’s been 18 wonderful years, I’ll not say perfect years, none of us are perfect, but they have been wonderful. Paul and I have known each other for close to 19 years. We ask ourselves sometimes if we ever thought we would be where we are today, 18 years ago. Of course no, we never thought we would be here. Here physically, in Idaho, here spiritually and here emotionally. So many things have happened through our married life that has shaped us and molded us into the couple we are today. We didn’t always like the things used to mold us, but I am so thankful and blessed to say stuck together, with the Lord, during those hard times.

I don’t know what the future holds for us, but I know Who holds our future. As long as we continue to hold onto the Lord and each other, that’s all I can hope for.

Thank you so much for marrying me 18 years ago babe, I love you. 😀


We will do our main celebrating this week. My parents are picking up the kids on Tuesday afternoon and taking them to their house for our weekend. Paul gets off of work around 8:00pm on Tuesday, so I get most of the day to myself. Then he has off Wednesday and Thursday, and my parents bring the kids back on Friday. We will stay at our house and do some fun things around town. There’s a nice Italian restaurant he is going to take me to, and of course go to the movies. We always go to the movies on our anniversary. I’m sure we’ll go on some photo shoots, which brings up another anniversary. Yesterday I have had my first DSLR Nikon Camera for a year. Paul got it for me last year for our anniversary. He reminded me that we actually got the camera on the 10th not the 11th, because he couldn’t wait to give it to me. 🙂 We’ll be taking some nice pictures for sure.

But most of all we’ll be spending time together, and that is what I look forward to the most. Spending time with the man I love. I can already say it will be a great weekend for us, because I know being with him will be great. But when you don’t hear from me all week, you’ll know why. We are keeping our online time to a minimum, if not non-existent, while on our anniversary weekend. 😉

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12 thoughts on “Our 18th Anniversary!!! :)”

    I can’at believe it has been 18 years since Auntie Charlotte and I took the train to Illiinois for your Wedding. What a beautiful wedding it was. I remember that I loved our shoes! And we had such a fun visit as we stayed a few days to visit with your mom and Carrie and the kids.

  2. Happy 18th Anniversary!!!! What a wonderful celebration this week! May the worst day of your next 18 be better than the best day of your first 18. 🙂 xxx

  3. Happy Anniversary! I love the picture of the two of you! I think my reader stopped feeding me your posts. I’ll have to check and see what happened!

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