Our 4th of July Weekend

We had one of the best, fun, blessed, tiring and thoroughly fulfilling 4th of July weekends we’ve ever had.

Ok, just a quick background for those of you who don’t know. We (Paul, me, Sarah and Paulie) are involved in our churches VBS program this year. It doesn’t actually start until July 13th, but they wanted to put a VBS float in our local parade so we could get the news out about it. We only had the warehouse to build the float in for one day, Friday. And our parade was Saturday. The kids and I showed up about 11:00am to start working on the float. Paul showed up about that time too because for his ‘work’ that day, his boss had his crew come and work on the float too. There were about 15 of us starting the float. The men built the float and us ladies & children worked on getting the decorations ready to put on the float once it was built. It was a tiring, but fun day. We were only going to stay until late afternoon, then only until after dinner. Well, by the time we left that day it was 9:00pm. Plus a couple of others stayed until 10:30pm, and three main people working on it didn’t finish it until 1:30am.

Once I got home I realized I still had a couple of loads of laundry to do, which I needed for Saturday. So by the time that all got done and we were in bed it was close to midnight. We had to be up and at the beginning of the parade route at 8:30am. But I felt more for the people who were up until after 1:30am. They had to have the float in line at 7:30am. I woke up around 2:30am not feeling real well. I stated getting very nervous, worried I wouldn’t be able to make the parade. So I just prayed and prayed for the Lord’s strength. By the time morning came I was still very tired, but I felt better. We got up, ready and out the door on time, surprisingly. Paulie started to have some sort of eye allergy reaction, so I had to swing back home, pick up his eye drops, and rush to the parade starting point. Which truly, I didn’t need to rush, once we got there, we still stood there waiting and getting ready for about another 45 minutes. Once the parade started, it was a blast. I sat on the float with Paulie, waving and singing with the VBS music. Paul sat in the back of the truck controlling the music. And Sarah, she was the brave one, she walked the whole parade, 2.4 miles, while holding the banner up for most of it. She really enjoyed herself.

By the time the parade was over, we got back to our Jeep, got some lunch and got home, it was almost 1:00 in the afternoon. At 5:00pm we were heading to a friends house for dinner and to watch the fireworks from their back yard. So what did we do until we had to leave? We all took naps. I didn’t get as much sleep as I needed, but it was enough. We headed out the door to our friends house around 5:00pm. I was nervous as we had never been to this couple’s house before, and I wasn’t sure who I would know there. But again, the Lord blessed it tremendously. There were a couple of people I knew casually there. Which was nice, because by the time the evening was over, I had gotten to know them much better. Our friends live on a small, man made lake and said the kids could go swimming. Well, storms were coming in (but never hit thankfully) and the temp. had dropped, so we decided no swimming. But they did have a paddle boat, and boy was it fun. We all took turns, along with others that were there. Paulie never wanted to get off the boat, he enjoyed it so much. Finally we saw the fireworks, and they were great. By the time we got home it was about 11:00pm.

Today we haven’t done anything but lay around and relax all day. The only thing we left the house for, was to get a local newspaper. Turns out our float made the cover of the local paper, with me in the picture. So of course we had to go get a copy. But that’s been it today. I am still a bit tired, and feel like I’m dealing with allergies or something, but it’s probably just tiredness. So I will leave you with a slide show of our weekend while I go find something to eat. Plus, I put in the slide show my finished coasters I crocheted and my shawl I’m working on. I’m not done with it yet, but it’s progressing nicely. Have a good night.


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