Our Anniversary Weekend

We had a great anniversary weekend last week. Sarah was a bit sick last week and then had a reaction to the antibiotic she was on. So the kids didn’t get to go to my parents house until Wednesday morning, but they still had a great time. My mom picked them up Wednesday morning, and then Paul and I had the house and time to ourselves until Friday afternoon.

We had a great time together, with nothing major planned, but we did have lots of fun. After the kids were picked up Paul took me out to breakfast, which is something we hardly ever get to do. We did a bit of shopping, picking up a music CD he really wanted. It was funny, we had checked and this particular CD was in stock at our local Best Buy for $4.99. So we made a ‘quick’ stop to pick it up, but we couldn’t find it. We asked for some help, and finally got some help from a worker who told us it was in one of those big bins that has hundreds of cd’s in them. He stayed and helped us, so there are three of us digging around in the bin trying to find this one cd. After a few minutes he goes and gets an extra tub so we can put the cd’s in after we’ve checked them. Because you know, if you’ve ever looked for cd’s or dvd’s in those bins, that the minute you start looking through them, they fall back on top of each other. So after a few more minutes of us three laughing, trying to find the cd, and finding other cd’s from the same band, but not the one we were looking for, he went to double check it was in stock. He came back and said there were 2 in stock so we continued to look. We were finally near the bottom of the bin, and still no cd. 🙁 Finally the worker thinks, walks away for a moment and comes back with the cd! It was in the back stock room. We all just had a good laugh about the time and energy we spent looking for this one cd.

After that we went to see the movie Battleship. It didn’t have a lot of depth, but since I really like the game Battleship, I really liked the movie. We each wanted something different to eat for dinner, so we went through a couple of restaurants and picked up some different things for us to munch on for the rest of the night. We had a casual night at home, watching some DVD’s, munching on some food and of course listening to some music. 😀 lol

On Thursday we had perfect weather, so we went for a drive up in the mountains. We thought we would hike, but it was a canyon, so we didn’t get to hike much at all, but we did take some great photos, and we had so much fun. It was a beautiful area that we had never visited before, and we were so happy we went. Then we came home, changed our clothes, and did a bit more of shopping before he took me out for a wonderful Italian dinner at a new restaurant we just found out about last February. It was great food and such a nice atmosphere. The owner remembered us from the last time we were there with our homeschool group in February and they gave us a discount on our meal because it was our anniversary. We didn’t realize this fully until after we left, we were so blessed. We will definitely go there again soon, it’s such good food.

He also bought me a yarn winder I’ve been wanting to try. I like my yarn in balls instead of skeins, and I can wind them by hand, but I’ve really wanted to try this winder. So I ordered it as an anniversary gift, I can’t wait to get it. I got him some movies he wanted.

On Friday my mom brought the kids back home and we all went out to lunch. I got to spend some time with my mom and the kids checking out a new yarn store I just found and just hanging out with my mom. It was such a great, blessed week. I couldn’t have asked for a better anniversary. Here are some of the pictures we took. I’ll be posting more on my creativity blog in a week or so.




I really like this photo, it looks like the road just ends, but it really curves and starts into the canyon.



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6 thoughts on “Our Anniversary Weekend”

  1. great pictures. I’m so glad you had a good anniversary. We so enjoyed the kids. Playing games, watchig videos and eating to much. A lot of fun. Love

  2. Sounds like a lot fun…especially looking for a needle in a haystack — or actually a CD in a pile 🙂 A quiet breakfast sounds nice!

    I’m sorry your daughter was sick and hope that she is feeling better despite the antibiotic issues.

  3. It sounds like you had a very nice anniversary. I wasn’t aware that there was a movie called, “Battleship.” I remember the name of that game but never played it.

    The canyon photos look gorgeous! I really enjoy nature walking, though it’s not something that my husband I do very often. It’s also good exercise, which is something I can always use to get rid of some of this extra “jiggle” on my body. 🙂

    LOL about the CD story. I’m not sure if I would have had that much patience to look for a CD. Those type of CD/DVD bins tend to drive me insane as well!

    At any rate, thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ve been “naughty,” as I have not visited you. I’ll add your blog to my blogroll sidebar so I can find you easier.

    Take care, and blessings to you. 🙂

  4. Sounds like a wonderful time together! And the knitting ball winder looks very interesting.

    You guys look great!

    Our 16th anniversary is in July. We usually buy something for the house as our anniversary gift. We talked about it a bit yesterday and couldn’t come up with anything except to maybe put some money toward a newer van. We’ll see.

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