Our curriculum came!

Yep, our curriculum finally arrived here a few days ago. ‘Box’ day is an exciting event for Sarah and I. Paulie just sorts of tolerates it. 😉 We kept looking at the clock, jumping up every time we heard a rumble outside, thinking it was the UPS truck, all the normal things we do on curriculum day.

It was delivered late, almost 6:30pm. Sarah was getting worried because she had to leave before 7:00pm to be at play practice for an Easter play she is going to be in. But it was delivered in time for her to open it with me. We opened it, her reminding me this is the last time we would be doing this for her. That about brought tears to my eyes. Here’s the box.


We started unloading it all and that’s when it happened, the let down. Once we pulled everything out, this was all we had.


Yes, I know, there is stuff there. But when we think about all the things we used to buy. All the curriculum, books, manipulatives, and just plain extras, well goodness the amount was a lot bigger. We looked at our small stash, realizing most of it was for Sarah. Paulie is using some of Sarah’s old curriculum, plus we bought some extra last year. And realized again that an era is over. 🙁 No more waiting for big curriculum boxes, no more joy and excitement as we go through item by item and see all the fun things we ordered. Nope, that time has passed.

But we have new times to look forward too. Continuing to help her choose what she wants to do with her life, helping her with job and car choices and just enjoying our time together as she grows. Yep, there is still a lot of fun, exciting times ahead. 😀

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11 thoughts on “Our curriculum came!”

  1. wow that is wonderful and sad at the same time. I could feel what you were saying. Ok she is growing up to fast now, a wonderful young lady, but to fast. I’m glad you both know how to keep going forward even tho the let downs come. Always makes me want to go out and get notebooks, pencils, and find something to learn. haha thanks for sharing. Talk soon Love

  2. I especially loved Box day when we used to use Sonlight. I really like Jae’s curriculum this year too, but I don’t get to enjoy using since I’m not the one at home with her this year. Yep, those days are over for me too. 🙁

  3. It is so hard to believe that next year will be Sarah and PC’s last year of school. It took me back a moment when you said that it was Sarah’s last box day. Oh wow! I know what you mean about the size dwindling. I, of course get things for PC and even some for LO because his learning style is a bit different than PC’s, but it still does not seem like as much as I use to get because I already have so much. But pulling it off the shelf doesn’t seem as exciting as getting it in the mail. Lol!!


  4. Box days are always exciting. It is certainly much more enjoyable to receive a box of good books or goodies than just plain ole bills!

    Though your curriculum box days may be over with your daughter, I am sure, just like you mentioned, that you will both find other things to enjoy together that will bring both of you joy. 🙂


  5. Oh, I know what you mean! Istill have box days coming up for another 6 years, Lord willing, but the boxes are smaller and more boring. We’ve had two in grade 12 now; we have most of the stuff.

    You’ll have to figure out another way to have mail surprises. Miss 15 has started officially reviewing books on her blog. I was getting tired of reviewing books so she could have something fun and wholesome to read…and now she’s doing it herself! Boy, was she waiting for the mail this week! 🙂

  6. Oh, how I can relate, A tear came to my eye as I read your post. I miss box days and all the excitement of opening up the box(es) together and smelling the fresh new books and seeing the bright colored fun books. It makes me want to order some books right now…

  7. Yes, box day is lighter here too, but then I tend to have to order stuff all year long! I don’t like to think of the end, yet. Although, I’m coming up with an idea of what I want to do, foster cats!

  8. Oh yes, that would be a hard one after having so many years of looking forward to that big box of curriculum.

    I’ve had mixed emotions about it, being that dd is a junior and I am working f/t outside the home. In some ways it is such a relief to know we are nearing the end, especially when this year has been such an incredibly hard year. OTOH, it is sad because it means my one and only child is that much closer to leaving the nest!!!

    In answer to your response about working in the ER, when I work down there, I can easily walk 4 miles in an 8-hour shift. Yet, I still workout at home. Suddenly drop that 4 mile walk from your daily routine, and it is a HUGE loss when you are trying to stay fit and trim.

  9. Fun! We only get a Sonlight box day about every other year, but we still need to order stuff. I’m hoping for a trip to the States before fall, so we can get most of our stuff there.

  10. I remember well the let down feeling this past year when I surveyed my resources for the year. So little! And next year will be our last. I only have to order 1 new book for this coming year.

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