Our weekend

We’ve had a real good weekend this week, and it’s been a blessing to relax and get the rest we all needed.  It’s been beautiful weather, and we’ve made sure we enjoyed it.  On Monday we picked up a picnic lunch from Paul’s work, had a picnic (no pictures), went to the zoo, played some tennis, then had an ice cream cone on the way home.  Today (Tuesday), we pretty much just relaxed at home, Paul grilled some steaks, first grilling of the season, and it was very yummy.  It was quite easy to have the days off during the week.  I guess the ‘hard’ part would be working on Saturday & Sunday.  But we’ve gotten through the first set, and though we won’t always have two days off in a row, we did this week, and we are so thankful we did.  So enough of my words, here’s some pictures of our weekend.


Day off 015

It was pretty hot that day.
Day off 028

Day off 049

Day off 050

Underwater view of the otter enclosure.
Day off 076

Looks like a combo of a dog & rabbit, forget what it was.
Day off 082

First time playing.
Day off 113

Day off 138

Day off 134

First grilling of the season.
Day off 148

Day off 144

Beautiful sunny day in the 70’s, snow still on the mountains.
Day off 158

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