Our weekend and more.

We had a great anniversary weekend this past weekend. We went out to eat more times that I should admit , we went to the movies, went shopping, went for mountain drives and just enjoyed being together. Our hotel room was very nice, and the view was beautiful. We bought some different things that each of us have been wanting, and those were our gifts to each other. The weather was great, except for the drive home, it rained horribly hard. I thought we were going to have to pull over at one point, it was so hard. But we made it through and it was fine. It truly was a fun, blessed weekend, and I’m so sorry it’s over.

The kids had a blast with my parents, and from all the reports from different family members, our kids behaved themselves perfectly. (Proud mama here ). They keep telling us different stories of their time with my family, which are fun to hear. They came home happy and thoroughly exhausted. We all went to bed pretty early last night. There’s a slide show of some pictures of our weekend at the end of this entry.

It was nice to have a bit of relaxing, fun time, because I think this summer is going to be real busy. We put an offer on a house last Wednesday. There was some issues that arose at one point, and we thought we were going to have to pull our offer back. It was a long 2 hours, but then it all turned around and the offer stayed. They have since ‘accepted’ our offer with a small counter offer to keep a couple of the appliances. Which for us is no big deal, we are just shocked they accepted the price we offered. There are still some foundational verification that need to be done, and a home inspection. So things could still fall through. But if those two inspections pass (which I think they should) we could be closing on our very first home on July 10th!!! I can’t believe how quick this is going, I don’t even have any boxes to start packing things. We will be in two houses at the same time for about 2 weeks. We need it, because we need to clean, paint and get some new carpeting in the new house. That way we can work, without having to move things around. It’s going to be a very busy time, and my family will be with my niece for her surgery, so they can’t help with anything until August. And the week after we sign our church is having it’s VBS, which most of my friends will be working at. So, I’m not sure how much help we will have at the beginning when we want to paint & clean, but I leave it all in the Lord’s hands. We just want His will done, in His timing. I am excited, but not real excited yet. I’m waiting for the inspections to be done, once those are passed, then I’ll get really excited.


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