Our weekend

Phew, it’s been quite a busy weekend. I’ve been working with my new graphics pad drawing a diagram Paul and I need for our ministry at church. I’m still learning Paint Shop Pro and my new graphics pad, so it’s been an interesting time. Plus our new computer came Saturday afternoon. It’s a very nice computer, and we are all trying to use it at once. There are a few issues we are having with Vista, but nothing too bad. Just two different programs that don’t want to run properly on it. But I will keep tweaking it, and get them to work, hopefully. I do enjoy tech work though, it’s fun for me. Just trying to do my work between everyone else jumping on the computer, that’s the hard part.

I just talked to my sister, and she’s doing great. She’s feeling so much better, moving around great and eating normal food. She really sounded like herself today, I was happy to hear that.

We have a somewhat busy week this week, Sarah and Paulie both have different youth group activities, I still have computer work to do, lessons of course, plus some other odds and ends, daily life things. But it should be a productive week. Hope you all have a blessed week too.

Here are a few pictures from our weekend.

The new graphics pad, or like the family likes to think of it, my new toy.
IMG_0072_1The family’s new toy, our computer.

And Sarah all happy with a computer in her room now.


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