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We’ve had a great day so far. We’ve had such nice weather (sorry to all of you in the Midwest and East coast), so today we went out and did our errands. My mom had bought me two books from CBD.com, but one of them has been backordered for a bit. It was suppose to ship on the 9th, and now they are saying not until the 30th. So I decided to see if our local Barnes & Nobles had it and they did.  So I canceled the backorder, and went to the mall today and bought the book. Of course getting a Starbucks coffee while I was there. We walked around a bit, and Paulie bought a book at the game store. He is trying so hard to save up his Christmas money for a Nintendo DS, he’s about half way there, he has $60. They are around $130 new, so he still has a way to go. He really wanted a Wii game, but he knew it would take all his saved money, so he made the decision to not get the game and continue to save for the DS. That was so hard for him, but he’s doing well. I’m proud of him sticking through for another 4-5 months until he has the money. He did find a book onsale, so he bought that.  Then after that we went to the library and got stacks of books. I think we each got about 6-8 books. Then a quick run to Wal-Mart and now we are home. Sarah almost got her ears re-pierced today but decided against it when we found out one of her ears is still infected.  I’m going to look around the web and see if I can find some cute non-pierced earings for her. She’s bummed that she can’t get her ears pierced, but glad she didn’t have to spend the $30 to find out they wouldn’t take.

We are starting to feel better, just a little tired. Of course it could be because I was out for 3 hours. lol Other than that, not a whole lot has changed. As I’ve been trying to do I’ll leave you with a few pictures. Here’s the books my mom bought me, the One Year Bible is the one I picked up today. And the rope thing, is a braided rope bookmark Sarah made me.

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