Paulie’s 14th Birthday

Thursday was Paulie’s 14th birthday, it was his golden birthday.  It’s kind of hard to believe that my baby is 14.  We have been an ‘official’ teenager house since last year when he turned 13.  But this year with him 14 and my daughter learning to drive & will be 16 in August, I suddenly feel like I’m ‘really’ in the teen years.  lol

It was a good day.  We took him out to lunch, his pick, the local Chinese buffet.  Then he opened his gifts, which he enjoyed greatly.  It was a shock this year, but he didn’t ask for any video games.  But he did ask for some DVD’s which he got.  A little trivia about my son, he is a comedian.  He loves to crack jokes and make people laugh.  And he loves watching comedy shows.  One of his favorites has been the Dick Van Dyke show that they watch on Netflix instant.  He loves the goofiness of it all.  Well my husband turned him onto the Three Stooges about a month ago.  And as I knew what would happen before he saw his first show, Paulie is hooked.  He loves the Three Stooges, and so does my husband.  I have come to the conclusion the Three Stooges is definitely a guys show.  I mean, I get the jokes, and I laugh and such, but truthfully the stooges are just goofy to me.  And most women I talk to feel the same way.  Even Sarah just chuckles a bit at what they do.  But guys?  They are a different story.  For every woman I’ve talked to that doesn’t get into the stooges, their husbands absolutely love them.  I just think that’s so funny.

So of course he wanted to get a stooges DVD for his birthday, which we got him.  So after the gifts he started watching the DVD with Paul.  Sarah & I made it through one then left the guys to themselves.

His ‘biggest’ gift was the gold chain we bought him.  It was his golden birthday, and since we got something gold for Sarah on her golden birthday, we wanted to do the same for Paulie.  Besides he’s getting older and a gold chain would look good.  Plus we had his cake made at Paul’s work and I told them it was his golden birthday & I wanted the cake decorated blue & gold (because blue is his favorite color).  I think they did a great job on it.

It was a great day, Paulie enjoyed it and now my baby is 14 years old.


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