Photo fun and frustrations

I think I’ll start with the fun things first, then vent my frustrations. 😉

I went out on a date with my husband on Tuesday, and we had a great time. One of the things we did was go to our local camera shop. It is owned by a fellow Christian, who goes to our church. We took a photo class from him, and we try to always buy all of our camera supplies from him. We try to buy local whenever we can. It’s always fun to go in his store because he’ll chat with us for the longest time. Showing us the new techniques he’s working on, or the new things he’s gotten in his store.

The main reason we went yesterday was because I wanted to get another camera bag. I already have a real nice one, a LowePro Sling, and I really like it. All my gear fits in it, it’s padded nicely and it’s very easy to use. But I’ve realized over the months, it’s on the bigger side, though I have seen bigger ones. But because of the size, I just don’t tend to take it out on quick trips as much. I really want to start using my camera more, and everyone says the way to do that is take it everywhere with you, even if you are just running to the grocery store. Well, I haven’t taken it to my grocery store, but honestly, I wasn’t taking it many other places either. Unless I was going on a big photo shoot, I just didn’t want to carry that big bag with me. And because of that, I just wasn’t taking my camera out as much. So I decided I really wanted another smaller bag, for quick trips. Quick question, do you have more than one camera bag? Do you have a smaller version for quick trips and things? Just wondering.

I was blessed with some Christmas money, and as I was trying to decide what I wanted to get, a new camera bag came to mind. So we went and looked, and talked, and looked and talked. 🙂 I couldn’t decide between one that would fit just my camera, or one that would fit my camera and one lens. I opted for the one that would fit the camera and one lens. The thing I love the most about it is the handle on top for carrying. Or I can use the shoulder strap like a purse. What do you think? Oh, and one more question. In my new camera bag, I have one of my lenses laying on it’s side, is that ok or do I need it upright? It’s a nice, padded bag, so I’m not worried about it getting knocked around, but just wondering if having it on it’s side is bad.


You can see it’s quite a bit smaller than my sling, but I can still fit my wallet in the front pocket, if I just wanted to grab my camera and go. It’s already helped me a lot. Last night as I was heading to a dinner with some friends, I decided at the last minute to take my camera with. I’m glad I did, I got some great pictures. But I know I wouldn’t have if I had only my big sling to take. This was perfect. I grabbed my purse and camera bag and headed out the door. I really think I’ll start taking my camera more places now. And then when we are traveling, or I’m going on a specific photo shoot, I’ll pack everything in my sling and take it all.

Now my frustration, with myself. For the past few weeks, when I’m taking pictures, I’ve put my hand in front of the flash!!!! 🙁 I’ve messed up more pictures that way. Thankfully they are just shots I’m taking around the house, and I see the error right away and I take it again. But last night, my friend set such a beautiful table I just had to take a picture of it. I quickly whipped out my camera, and since everyone was waiting to eat, I took some quick pictures, but never looked at them. I uploaded them today and so bummed to see I had done it again! Look at this.


Ugh!!!! I don’t know why I’m starting to hold the camera this way. Do any of you deal with that? Really, I’m not sure why I’m doing that, and it’s sooooooo frustrating. I can’t get that chance back from last night, and I ruined the pictures from the table, though I did get some other great photos. Any suggestions as to how to remind myself to NOT put my hand in front of the flash? Really, this is bothering me.

Here is one of the photos that did work. 🙂



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3 thoughts on “Photo fun and frustrations”

  1. Nice new bag… I only have one bag – Lowepro passport sling, but I take it everywhere.

    I’m scratching my head trying to figure out how you are putting your hand in front of your flash. You should be holding the lens from under and your other hand is on the button so I can’t figure it out. I don’t use my flash much though…

  2. Hi, JoAnn. Ick on the frustration part. I know what you mean about wrecking a photo; I’ve done it many times and wish I could go back and do things right, but the moment is gone. Kristal gave you some good advice; just make sure your hands are gripping your camera correctly. Are you using your camera’s pop-up flash? Kristal’s advice will work whatever flash you’re using.

    You can try fixing that image with photo editing software–increase exposure to the shadowed areas. It may help a little, at least, if it’s a photo you really would like to keep.

    I have just one big ol’ camera bag. I lug it everywhere. I wish I had a smaller one, though, when I go on nature walks and such. I usually bring only my kit lens (attached to the camera) and my macro (stuck in my coat pocket?! or stuck in my purse!?!). Yes, I carried my purse once on a short nature walk. I felt ridiculous but I didn’t meet anyone on the trail. 🙂

    Regarding my yearly photo project, I created a Linky! I’m going to post a Linky page for each week. Here is the link for images from week one, if you want to post your link there: https://christineannephoto.blogspot.com/2012/01/project-2012-week-1.html

    I’m going to be posting a Linky page every Monday morning for the previous week’s photos. I’m in the middle of creating a blog button, too, so if you happen to see it on my blog sidebar, grab it for your weekly posts!

    Oh, and even though I’m risking typing a book here, I love your last photo–the play of the white snowflakes with the darker background is very nice. 🙂

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