I am really starting to take more pictures and really studying digital photography.  When I was younger and single I had always wanted to learn more about photography.  I had thought about going to college, taking some classes, and starting to do photography full time.  But the practical side of me took over, and I knew making a living being a photographer would not be easy.  I was starting to learn computers at that point also, and knew that there would be more money in computers than photography.  So I, as always the practical and responsible one, never followed my desire to learn photography, and stuck with computers.

I’m not sorry I stuck with computers, I do enjoy them.  I have been blessed with all that I’ve been able to do, and I did enjoy my career before I became a SAHM.  I liked what I did, enjoyed where I worked, and was always thankful that the Lord had blessed me with ability to work in the computer field.  But I do wish I had at least learned some photography things on the side and kept it as hobby.  I’ve always taken pictures, just never really followed through on it all.

I know I get my love of taking pictures from my father.  He always took pictures, of everything.  He was our photographer at our wedding.  I have tons of photos from when I was a child of all the trips, camping and family events we’ve done.  And I really enjoy looking through the photos of my childhood, the things we use to do.  I’ve carried that through to my adulthood.  The biggest setback I’ve had is that our basement flooded when we lived in Illinois.  I lost almost all my pictures of when I was single, and when Paul and I had first met.  That was such a bummer to me, and a lesson too.  I’ve learned to put my photos in a rubbermaid container now.

Once digital photography started to be affordable, I jumped at the chance to get a camera.  We have a simple point and shoot, I really wish I could afford to get a DSLR.  Some day, maybe, but for now I will keep with my point and shoot.  I’m also trying to learn some more things about photography too.  I’ve been getting some books from the library, and trying to learn different ways to shoot things and such.  As much fun as I’m having, it does make me want a DSLR even more.

So now I’m dealing with the digital organization of my photos.  I prefer to keep them on my own computer and organize them there, I just feel more secure that way.  There are so many different digital organizers out there.  Picasa is pretty good, but I want to try some new ones.  I’m getting a bit overwhelmed with all my photos now.  Where to file them, how to edit them, how to put my copyright on them, etc…  I do like using my Paint Shop Pro program to edit them, so an editing program isn’t really what I need, just an organizer.  I’m trying a new one right now, we’ll see how it works.

So in the mean time I’ll keep taking photos.  Not sure what to do with them, whether to print them out and scrap with them, blog with them, or show them off on my website.  But I’ll keep taking them because I like taking them.

These are photos I took last week when a storm was blowing in.  The storm never really did hit us at all, but the clouds always look so threatening.


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