Physical therapy, sunshine and new beginnings

I feel blessed today. I know I am blessed every day, but today I feel blessed, if that makes sense. 🙂

Today was my last day of physical therapy for my hip, that I started a month ago. I am feeling so much better, but I also know I need to keep up with my stretches and work that she (my doctor) gave me to do. I am so happy that I am done with therapy. I am not one that likes ‘having’ to get out of the house multiple days a week. Our house and family runs a lot smoother when we don’t have a lot of things planned. Well for the past 4 weeks, I’ve had to get to PT 3 days a week, and believe me, that was stressful at times. Plus having to do the work at home she gave me, phew, tiring. But I made it through, and the two main goals I set for myself today (since it was my last day) I met!!! I was really happy about that.

But I’m also sad that today is the last day of physical therapy. I’m going to miss my therapist, the receptionist, and all the other workers. I have been to physical therapy before, but honestly, I’ve never enjoyed physical therapy as much as I did this past month. All the workers there are so nice and encouraging. The other patients are nice too. We all do our different therapies in one big room and there are tons of different conversations going on at once. My doctor would remember everything we talked about and ask me about my weekend, or a dinner, if I had talked to her about that, things like that. And I would ask her about her weekend and such too. It was so nice to have this adult interactions that I am really going to miss my time there. But my time is done, and my body is feeling better. I will stop by now and then to say hi, and Paul and I both will go back to them if we ever need too. So I’m happy and sad about today.

I’m sitting outside right out in my backyard with the sun shining, my laptop on my lap, enjoying the weather while working (and now writing this post). 🙂 I am so happy that we are finally getting some warmer weather, in the 70’s, even though it will only last a couple of days. I’ll enjoy it while I can.


Today is also Paul’s first day in the Produce department at work, it’s official, he’s out of deli and on to new beginnings. 🙂 Today has been so busy, I’m not sure if the afternoon shift change has hit me yet, probably not. But I know it will eventually. Obviously Paul’s not home yet, but I’ve been texting with him on his breaks and I already know he is really enjoying his new department! 😀 He is so happy there, and being his wife, and seeing how hard working in the other department had become, I’m so happy for him now. It’s always such a blessing when your husband is happy to go to work and happy with what he does for a living. That’s what I’m going to keep remembering in the days and weeks to come with this new schedule. And I can’t wait to see what new things we find to do and how much we start enjoying afternoon shifts. Though it’s weird knowing he’s not coming home right now, I’m already enjoying this new shift, because I love seeing my husband so happy and blessed

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3 thoughts on “Physical therapy, sunshine and new beginnings”

  1. boy it was a beautiful day. I enjoyed it too. Sat out for a little while. Mainly started real spring cleaning and scrubbing your fathers bathroom. ugh but looks good now. You back yard picture looks very inviting. So glad Paul is working where he’s happier. Glad your therapy went so well. Love

  2. I’m so glad your therapy went so well and was so much fun! Even though you miss adult conversation, with the warm weather you’ll probably connect with the neighbors more easily. That happens around here!

    It’s great that your husband is happy with his new work. You’ll get used to the shift and find something good about it, especially because he’s so happy.

    May the rest of your week be as good!

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