Pictures, pictures and more pictures. :)

We went to the free family movie festival that Regal theaters do every year. We saw The Bee Movie. We’ve seen it so many times, but not on the big screen, and Paulie really likes it. Next week we are going to see Alvin & the Chipmunks again. We have the DVD, and we have seen it on the big screen, but hey, a free movie is a free movie, right?

We also went school supply shopping. With the kids getting up in their grade level, we don’t need as many ‘supplies’ as we use to. But I still always like to get them new spiral notebooks & folders, just because it’s fun to get new ones. The old ones are usually fine, but what’s the fun in that? But we had to get more supplies this year for our history time line will be making with the Mystery of History. I’m a bit lost with it all, since I’ve never done a time line, even when I was in school. So understanding why the supplies they suggest are needed, do I need every last one etc… was a bit hard. But I joined the MOH yahoo group, and sent an email to another mom who has used it and understood more about what needs to be done. I got the basic necessities, skipped some things, and hope it all works out well. I’ll show pictures when we get going on it. But here are some pictures of our school supplies we picked up. Oh the Atlases are needed for history too, but we are blessed that my dad had loaned them to us last year. Thanks dad.



And then like I said, we went to a local reservoir about an hour from on house last Friday. Paul took the day off, and we packed a nice picnic lunch. But unfortunately it was a rainy, cloudy day. We did still go, but only stayed for a bit, and didn’t go as far as we had wanted to. We still had a great time, and took some great pictures. We know exactly where we want to go next time we head out that way, now, if the weather will just cooperate with us. Enjoy the slide show.


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