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I felt like I should write a blog entry, even though I really don’t have a lot to say.  Lots of things floating through my mind right now, probably shouldn’t write any of them down.  lol

We are finishing up school pretty well, I’m thankful for that.  History is done, so are some other miscellaneous subjects.  We’ll be finishing up the rest of the subjects by May 28th at the latest.  The kids and I both are really looking forward to that.  It will be nice to have a break soon.

Today was a beautiful day.  We ate lunch outside in the sun, it was great.  I actually have a slight sunburn on my left arm.  But I don’t mind, it was so great to enjoy some time outside.  We will be getting some rain tomorrow, so I have to enjoy it while we can.

I’ve finished all the regular stitching on my dolphin cross-stitch project I’m making for Paulie.  It’s just lots of back stitching now.  I hope the back stitching won’t take too long.  It doesn’t look like there is too much of it, we’ll just see.  Not sure if I’ll get any done tonight.  It’s getting a little late as I write this, and I’m getting tired.  But I’m going to have some time to myself tomorrow.  I guess Paul is taking the kids out somewhere tomorrow when he gets home from work.  I don’t know where, something to do with Mother’s Day.  🙂  So maybe I’ll get a little stitching done then.  I doubt he’ll have Mother’s day off.  His boss usually tries to give all the moms the day off, which I understand.  We’ll do something before or after just like last year.

Well, I think I’m going to get going.  We are still dealing with some financial situations that I was hoping would change today, but they didn’t.  And right this second, it doesn’t look like our financial situation will change any time soon.  But I am trying to keep my trust in the Lord, and not focus on just what I can see.  We could really use your prayers if you think of it.  Thanks.  Off to do some cross-stitching, or reading.  🙂

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