Sarah’s Birthday

Sarah celebrated her 17th birthday on August 13th. It’s hard to believe my oldest is 17. I kept saying on that day, “I’m too young to have a daughter that old.” 😀 Ok, so I’m not really too young for that, but knowing your daughter is 17 and only has 2 years left of high school, yikes. It can make a person feel old. I’m so proud of her and excited with all that’s coming up for her. She is showing us more and more how mature she is with the decisions she makes. I think of what I was doing at her age, and I’m blessed that she is not even thinking of those things.




The main thing she wanted was this big, comfy chair. She opened it and enjoyed it for a couple of hours, then we needed to return it because it had a hole in it. 🙁 We are waiting for a new one to be delivered soon.


We played scrabble too. It’s one of my favorite games, but unbelievably the kids haven’t played it since they were kids and we played the kid version! Not sure how that happened. We are playing scrabble more now. 🙂


A few days later we went out to a seafood restaurant for her birthday and she had crab legs for the first time, and really liked them.


Paul has always liked crab legs. Always makes me think of Deadliest Catch (one of my favorite shows) when they eat them. 😉


She got a free sundae dessert for her birthday.


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6 thoughts on “Sarah’s Birthday”

  1. Wow, your daughter has grown up so much in the past few months into a lovely young lady. Nice to see the family photos. Have you guys started back to school yet?

  2. Happy birthday! It’s amazing she’s 17 already. Enjoy these years; they go by so quickly!

    I pray that you will have a happy year, Sarah! God bless you.

  3. Happy Birthday to Sarah! Looks like she had a nice day.

    My oldest is nearly 14! Yikes! (I think you and I are about the same age, but maybe you started earlier.)

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