Sarah’s new ride

It’s so hard to believe but my baby girl bought her first car!!!  She worked, saved up the money and bought it for cash.  She’s loving having her own car, and we couldn’t be more proud of her.  It’s a nice little car too.  Not too many miles on it for the year it is and it’s been well kept.  So many new seasons in our lives, and I love them all.  😀




The hardest part for her was we looked at it on a Monday night, but we couldn’t officially buy it until Tuesday because the banks had already closed on Monday.  But on Tuesday our friend couldn’t meet us until the evening so we bought the car and brought it home, but Sarah couldn’t drive it because everything was closed again so no plates or insurance.  🙁  Of course she had me out of the house bright and early on Wednesday so we could go get her title changed, plates, sticker and insurance.  And of course the minute we got home and dad helped her put the plates on her car, she was gone!!  😀

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7 thoughts on “Sarah’s new ride”

  1. Congratulations Sarah. That is a nice looking car and I congratulate you on saving up the money and not having car payments. Not many young people your age are as responsible as that. You had a great upbringing so congrats to your parents too.

  2. Wow, what a milestone! None of my guys has bought a car yet; we just shuffle our two vehicles around every day, sometimes by the hour, lol! Glad she’s enjoying her new wheels!

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