Sashay scarf

I’ve been wanting to make a ruffled scarf from the Sashay yarn for a while, but I never took the plunge to try it.  I finally looked up some information online, waited for the yarn to go on sale and picked up two skeins to try my hand at crocheting with this fun yarn.

Sarah picked out the orange skein, and I picked out the pink/purple skein. (Oh, I have to say too that this picture is with natural light coming in from my bedroom window, no flash.  I’m trying to learn how to take pictures of my projects with natural light to show the true colors.  So these are the true colors, not the darker looking colors in the following pictures.)
DSC_0281I tried chaining and then doing some single crochets to make the scarf, but honestly working with this yarn, it was just too hard to see the stitches.  So I went with a simple version which is pretty much just putting multiple stitches on your hook and pulling it through a stitch.

I worked with my yarn first, so if I made any mistakes, it was only on my scarf.  😉
DSC_0288I really liked how it turned out.
DSC_0293I decided to use less stitches on Sarah’s scarf because I thought it would make it look ‘tighter’ but what it really did was make it longer, WAY longer.  😉
DSC_0299It’s so long Sarah has to wrap it about four times to make it look right.  I wanted to re-do it right away, but she said she wanted to try it.  It does look cute, but really is just too long.  I think I’m going to have to frog it (take out all the stitches) and start over.  But honestly it works up so quickly, I don’t mind.

Now that I know how to work with it, and how easy it is, I want to get some more yarn to play with.  😀  But I should keep working on my afghan before playing too much.


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6 thoughts on “Sashay scarf”

  1. oh hon, they look great. Good for you. Great job. I love the colors. I’m having fun with it too. Its so fast with the crochet but I still had my “pringles” one to finish and one other knit one. So haven’t done a lot of crochet yet. But I will for sure. I tried it and like it. I’m also making ear warmers with the round loom. So I’m having fun. I still have a couple of calendars to do because I’m making for Jen and Karen. Keep up the good work. You did awesome. Love

  2. So pretty!!!! I like it!. Now you got me thinking about making me one. Thanks for the tip on the yarn.

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