Saturday ramblings

This has been a pretty good week. We had a nice relaxing weekend, which was Tuesday and Wednesday. We were going to go for my birthday lunch, but I chose to put it off for another week. I was just so tired, and I had pulled a back muscle two days earlier, so I just wanted to rest. On Tuesday (our Saturday) we had a Lost marathon. We’ve never seen it before, but it’s on Netflix Instant, so a while ago we started watching it. We are all trying to watch it together when we can, and decide a marathon last week would be fun. We just finished season 3, and though it’s driving me crazy not knowing what its all about, we are liking the show. (No saying anything about it, since we don’t know the ending and want to keep it as a surprise 😉 ). It was a nice relaxing day, and really helped my back heal up. I’m feeling fine now.

The rest of the week we did school, I kept the house, did some baking and cooking, the normal things we do around here. I like weeks that are ‘normal’. You know, the kind of weeks were you get a lot done, but you don’t necessarily have a list of things you’ve accomplished. Do you ever have weeks like that? I do and I like them.

Our next weekend will be this coming Wednesday and Thursday, so Wednesday we will finally be going out for my birthday lunch. 😀 It’s at a restaurant about an hour away, so we’ll make a day of it. I’m going to find a park in that town and hopefully we’ll have a nice photo shoot too. I will admit, I haven’t been using my camera like I want to. 🙁 I can make a whole bunch of excuses why I haven’t but honestly it’s just laziness to drive anywhere nice to take pictures. I’m a little tired of taking the same pictures of our back yard. Regardless of why, I just need to pick up my camera more and that’s my plan. I’m sure there are some beautiful areas in the town we will be going to and I should get some great pictures while there.

Other than that, nothing big is planned. I will be planning a day to make and can some strawberry jam. Probably not this coming week but the following week. I’m making a double batch, so I’m sure it will take me all day. But I missed making some last year and my family was really bummed about it. So by popular request, I’m making a double batch this year. 🙂 I just have to read about whether to just double all the ingredients, not sure if that will work. I might just make one batch, get it in the boiling water and then start another batch. I know some recipes aren’t that good just doubling each ingredient. It would take a little longer making two batches, but in the end, it will probably taste better.

We are also making plans for our vacation in October. We don’t know that we will be going anywhere, but Paul is planning on taking a week off of work. I know we can do the staycation thing, which we probably will. But I really wanted to travel to a bigger city near us and stay there for a couple of days. You know, just to feel like we’ve gone somewhere. But not sure it will be in the finances to do that, we are still praying about it. Either way, it will be nice to have a week off and just hang with the family. I know Paul has been working hard and really needs a break. I pray whatever we do will be relaxing for him.

Though I haven’t been using my camera a whole lot, here is a picture I took a couple of weeks ago. It was a beautiful sunset out our front door.


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5 thoughts on “Saturday ramblings”

  1. What a beautiful sunset. You took a great picture there. Glad to hear about your week. We haven’t talked in a while but I’ve been super busy with the Senior Center. Otherwise we are fine. I do plan to come out your way soon. Not sure this coming week, but should definitely be the following. Keep those write ups and pictures coming. Love

  2. I am forgetful when it comes to taking photos, too. I have to get my camera out today or else my weekly wrap up will be bare. AND, I can’t figure out why I didn’t take a single picture at my family reunion last week. Really dropped the ball!

  3. I like weeks where you do a lot, even if it seems you didn’t do much on your list!

    When we make jam we use Certo pectin and it says you shouldn’t double the recipes. I’m not sure why. We’ve always just followed those instructions and it doesn’t take much extra time at all.

    Could you walk to pretty places near your home where you could take pictures? You’d be both exercising and taking pictures that way, and would be meeting two sets of goals at once. 🙂

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