School has begun

And that is why I haven’t blogged in a while.  lol

Yep school has begun for us, we started on August 8th.  We are currently in our second week of school, and just about finished with that.


We are doing full days of school, but I just don’t feel like we are in the full swing of school yet.  I think that is because after Friday we are off of school until September 4th.  That’s when I’ll feel like school is in full swing.

So why did we start school, then stop for 2 weeks?  Paul is taking his first paid vacation in over 3 years!  The kids and I will have 2 whole weeks off, but Paul will have 9 days.  When I asked the kids if they wanted to do school into June, or start early in August to make up for the 2 weeks, they wanted to start early.  They have a thing about not doing any school past the end of May.  Actually, I don’t blame them, I’m glad we are done by the end of May too.

We have no big plans right now for our vacation.  We would like to go away for a few days, but not real sure if that will work.  Everyone says do ‘staycation’ things.  Which yes, there are a few local things we might do.  But truthfully, we live in a small town, so most of the local things we would do, we’ve done before.  We are just not sure.  Maybe we’ll just hang around together at home and just enjoy not having to do school or work for 9 days and get paid for it?  Can you tell we haven’t had a paid vacation in a long time?  hahaha

Tonight we are going to another Single A baseball game here in our town.  The team has a very short season, so this will probably be one of the last games we make.  But they are playing the Chicago White Sox Single A team, and anything to do with the White Sox hubby wants to go to.  It’s his favorite team.  This time I am bringing my camera, and I hope to get some good pictures.

Sarah turned 16 on the 12th and she had a real fun day.  We had a cake made where Paul works and they have this new process where they can put a picture on the cake.  I didn’t have any personal pictures to use, but we used one of their standard pictures.  Sarah loved it.  She chose to have her birthday lunch at Chili’s.  She has a bit of me in her, and since she had never been there, she wanted to try it.  I really enjoy trying new places.



And that is what has been keeping me busy lately.  Well that and trying to schedule computer time.  With the kids both having school work on the computer it gets hard to have my own time with it.  But I think we are slowly getting that worked out.  I guess we’ll see when we start school in earnest in September.  🙂

Oh and I almost forgot, we didn’t have to buy a new printer.  A friend loaned us her printer, which we could have kept, but it wasn’t compatible with our computer.  But I did get it working enough that I got everything I needed for school printed (before we started school).  Then as Paul and I talked about getting another printer I said, “Ok, so we are going to trash this one, right?”  He said yes, so I said, “Then let me take it apart and see if I can fix it.  If I break it, no big deal.”  I had it fixed within two hours.  I had originally seen a spring that was off.  I didn’t know if it had just fell of or broken off.  After an hour of trying to get all the screws unscrewed in weird positions it took me about 5 minutes to fix what was wrong.  Then another hour trying to get all the screws back in.  🙂  lol.  But I am blessed that the Lord fixed it, and happy He used me.  I haven’t played hardware tech in years (it’s what I use to do when I worked outside the home), and it was so fun to do again.

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