School started, niece update and birthday.

Yep, we have started school. We actually started it last Thursday, the day after Sarah’s birthday, and did half days Thursday and Friday. But we forgot to take our yearly ‘first day of school’ photo. So on Monday, our first full day of school, we took the photo. Only dealt with a little bit of an attitude from one of the kids on Thursday then Monday, but nothing too bad. And I think we found a good flow of things too. We have a schedule in the sense that I have a order I like to get the work done in, but the times don’t really matter. And I think the flow of things will work well for us. The only difference this year, and something that’s going to take me a while to get use too, is actually grading all the work Sarah does, and recording those grades. I have a good article that shows me different ways to grade when it’s not just answering questions, its just actually finding time & remembering to do it. She’s only in 8th grade, but I really want to use this year to practice things like this, and I’m glad I am. Because for me, it’s not that easy. I will get in a flow with it, maybe weekly, every Friday or something. But at least we have gotten things going. Here are our first full day of school pictures.


Sarah teaching Paulie the piano (his first time learning it)


We went to my parents house this past weekend to spend time with them and saw my niece. She’s doing great. We took some pictures, which she said we could share. It was great to see everyone, and we had a great time. Jessi’s doing good and healing well. Still dealing with different issues and pains, but all in all, doing great. Thanks for all your prayers.



Tomorrow is my birthday. We are still doing school, but I did get my grocery shopping done today so I didn’t have to do it tomorrow. Paul’s taking us all out to dinner for my birthday, I just have to figure out where I want to go. Plus I have already gotten my birthday money, and I have some ideas on where I want to spend it. Once I get my gifts I’ll take some pictures to share.

OK time to finish watching Wipeout on tv with the family, have a good night.



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