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This past weekend I went on my first scrapbooking conference and it was a blast. My mom had invited me to go with her. My mom and I have never been able to go out on a weekend together like this, so this was an extra special time. We had connecting hotel rooms, which was so much fun. We worked on our crafts, went to some craft stores, ate at some yummy restaurants, and enjoyed relaxing in our rooms. It was strange for me to have a room all to myself, usually I’m sharing with my family. It was such a nice, fun, relaxing time. I’m so glad I got to go.

Neither my mom nor I are huge scrapbookers, but we do enjoy making greeting cards, and that’s what we did this weekend. There was a lady there that was selling card kits, we bought quite a few of them. I’ve enjoyed putting them together. We even bought enough so I have some to work on at home. I’m hoping doing these kits will help me learn how to design my own. I’m still not too good at that.

I haven’t taken any pictures of my finished cards yet, but I do have some good photos of the conference itself. I’ll post some of the cards later.

This is the conference room and some of the scrapers.

This was our table. Yes, we were munching on some chips while working. 🙂

My mom and a couple of the cards she made.

My mom and me. I really like this photo.

I won a silent auction, a small bag of scrapbook items for $3, and they also gave me a gift bag since it was my first time at the conference. Here’s everything I got.

My mom even bought me this cute bag to hold my craft tools. I’ve been using it a lot already. 😀

I hope that some day I can go to another conference with her, or at least spend another weekend today. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Scrapbooking conference”

  1. Love the pictures. The one of the two of us is good. We did have such a fun time and yes we will have to do it again. If you find something you want us to do together let me know, otherwise we will keep looking for the dates of scrapbooking and more card kits. So much fun. Love

  2. I am so goad you and your mother had such a good time. You both look so happy. What a special time that was. Love, Auntie Ella

  3. Looks like a lovely time together–one to cherish. My Aunt got me into scrapbooking a bit when I lived in Oregon, but I’ve been too busy to do it here.

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