Some random photos

These are some random photos I’ve taken recently. I really haven’t been using my camera like I want to, I’ve been busy with creating Christmas cards, gifts, decorating and enjoying family time. Sometimes living life is just more important that taking photos of it all. 😉 But here are some that I have taken.

I went on a homeschool mom’s getaway a couple of weeks ago. We stayed at a local hotel and got a two bedroom suite with a full kitchen. We had fun eating out at local restaurants, watching movies in our room, chatting up a storm and eating lots of junk food. It was just what we needed, a night with friends and a time to relax.

This is the bedroom I shared with a friend of mine:


And this is our full kitchen, counter full of yummy snacks: 😀


Our landlord put in a new dishwasher. And despite the fact that we had a small issue with it on Thanksgiving, we are enjoying having such a nice, new efficient dishwasher.


These are the snacks Sarah and I made for Thanksgiving. I made the pumpkin pie, she baked all the rest.


Our Thanksgiving meal with friends.


The first time we’ve ever ventured out on Black Friday, and this is what we got when we did.



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  1. Enjoyed the photos. We went for Thanksgiving with friends and people we’d not met before. Can you believe it, there were Five pumpkin pies brought! For 22 people! I baked two (actually three but one didn’t turn out so I didn’t take it.)

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