Sometimes we just have one of those days

And today has been one of those days for me.  It’s our Saturday, but it’s a rainy, cloudy day, and I think that just doesn’t help.  I couldn’t sleep in like I wanted because Paul and I had doctor appointments late morning.  Just little things that add up to not being the best of days.  My doctor appointment was a simple one, I needed my allergy medication.  As usual, this doctor always weighs you and takes your vitals before an appointment.  Once I saw my weight, well the day most definitely got worse.  No, I’m not going to list it here, but lets just say it really bummed me out.  I’ve been fooling myself with the Wii Fit weight (we don’t own a scale), and I know it.  My portion sizes are too big, I eat past being full and I’m not working out like I use to.  This has just got to stop. I’m really going to try and stop eating such huge portions and over eating in general.  Plus I want to try to get into the kitchen more to cook for my family.  It does help if I have meals made then I can watch my portion size a bit more.  When I just grab things from the cabinet and try to throw something together to eat, I tend to fill up my plate too much.  If I have meals and leftovers, I can watch my actual portion size a bit easier.  But I’m really not wanting to cook lately, at all.  I mean seriously, when I think of all the work that goes into making meals from beginning to end, including clean up, I’m worn out just thinking about it.  And I think of all the other things I would like to be doing instead of that.  I do have some meals I make that are pretty quick and easy, but we are getting tired of eating them over and over.  I need to find some new crock pot recipes I think.  And I really like what I learned from Jenn, that I can cook hamburger & sausage in the crock pot before I actually cook the meal.  That is a huge thing for me, if I can put it in the crock pot to cook and not have to stand in the kitchen for long periods of time, I’m all for it.  That’s something I’m going to have to study and work on more.  Plus I think part of how I’m feeling might have been because for the past 2 months I’ve had to ‘stage’ our dinners.  Sarah had to eat early before her rehearsal and Paul would work late.  It was just so frustrating having a meal that would warm up well for Paul.  I just need to get back into the habit (and desire) of cooking again.  If you think of me could you pray for me on this?  Not only my portion sizes and eating habits, but that I would have a desire to cook for my family again.

After the doctors appointment we did some errands trying to waste an hour so my prescription could be processed.  So after an hour of running around, we get to the pharmacy and they have no prescription for me at all!  Ugh.  So I called my doctors office, they said they sent it but they would send it again, and we had to go home, knowing I had to go out in the rain later to pick up my scripts.  To top it off, as I was walking into the pharmacy I slipped and strained my knee.  It was wet out and I had on boots that had no traction.  And do you know why I had those non-traction boots on in the rain?  Because the other boots I wear are ‘heavy’ and I didn’t want to get weighed with them on and be heavy.  So I wear my ‘lighter’ boots with no traction and I still weigh heavy and then I slipped and strained my knee.  Yep, sometimes we just have one of those days.

But I refuse to end this whining, complaining post in a bad note, so I’m going to list some good things too.  It’s hubby’s day off, and we’ve spent the day together.  Sarah had a great opening night at our church’s Easter drama/musical last night.  It was the best program I’ve ever seen, and not just because my daughter was in it.  It was so powerful, and spoke the gospel message so clearly, I can’t wait to see it again Friday night.  And speaking of Friday, my mom, sister & possibly my niece are coming out tomorrow to see Sarah in the play.  They will be out before the play and we get to hang out together.  It will be great seeing them, I am looking forward to it.  And one last thing, we are on a four, possibly five, day weekend for me and the kids.  So there, I’m trying to change my perspective and see the positive around me too.  And even though it’s cloudy and windy out, and I mean windy, at least 30-40mph gusts out there, I’m going to leave you with photos from our summer last year.  Something to remind me of what is to come.


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