Such a great day yesterday.

Yesterday was such a great day for all of us. The kids had half a day of school, then we went to the local theater and saw a play of The Jungle Boy. It was so cute and very well done. Coming from Chicago, where there is lots of culture, to an area where there isn’t, was a concern of ours. But it seems like our area has smaller versions of all of Chicago culture (except for the food ). We have museum’s, art gallery, zoo, theater, and symphony. Not the big ones like Chicago, but at least enough that the kids will know what a little culture is. We are going to see the Nutcracker again this year, but this time it will be with a symphony. First time for the kids, we can’t wait.

So after the play, we went to the thrift store and found some shirts for Sarah and me. Can you believe it, one of the shirts, even after I washed it, I could still smell perfume or something on it.  I’m washing it again today, hopefully that will take the smell out. Then we went to the library, at completely the wrong time, it was pre-school story telling time. Little kids everywhere. We got what we wanted and got out of there.

We came home and relaxed for a bit, then after dinner all four of us, hubby, me, Sarah & Paulie, went winter clothes shopping. Of course both of the kids just had to grow out of snow pants, jackets, boots and such at the same time. I won’t tell you the price tag , but thankfully we didn’t focus on that. What we did focus on was having a great time. We laughed, we joked with each other, we made a ruckus in multiple stores and truthfully if they didn’t let us in the mall again, it wouldn’t surprise me.  But you know what, we all let our hair down and had fun with each other. And the whole time, we were all so aware of the memories we were making. We might not always remember what we bought, but we will always remember the time we spent shopping together. I still get a smile on my face when I think about it.

And through all of that, we didn’t get everything we needed.  Totally forgot some more shirts for Sarah & me, and a lighter jacket for Sarah. We are thinking of going shopping today, just can’t decide. It’s overcast and cloudy, but we already have plans tomorrow and Sunday, so today might just be the only time. Maybe I should see if Paul wants to go again, and go tonight. We’ll see what other trouble we can get into as a family.

Tomorrow is our big day we are looking forward too. We don’t do halloween or harvest festivals on the 31st. No I’m not going to get into why we don’t do either, and no I don’t want to hear your opinions on whether you think we should or shouldn’t do them.  Just trust that Paul and I have prayed thoroughly on this issue, and we know where we stand on it. So because we choose not to celebrate them, and it’s always a bit difficult to stay away from all the kids, we started a tradition of going out to dinner on that night. But this year we are doing dinner and a movie. That’s our plan anyway, hopefully we can find something good at the movies. If not, maybe dinner and then rent something special, something like that. We just enjoy being together as a family, doing something fun and trying to stay away from the crowds. So we’ll see how it goes tomorrow, if we can find a movie or not, and what restaurant to pick. But we’ll probably stay away from the shopping. Three days in a row, the way we get when we shop together, and we’ll definitely get kicked out of stores. lol

And I’m going to leave you with a picture of Sarah’s new hat. We think she looks just great in it.


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