Thank You Lord!!!!

It’s so sweet when the Lord blesses us with something we’ve never really prayed for, and never truly expected. Paul and I have a master list of things we want to buy if/when we get extra money like bonuses or something. If we don’t have the master list, then when we get extra, we tend to impulse spend, frivolously. So we try very hard to look at our list first. On the list are needs, like new shoes or new snow gear for the kids, but other things are just way out wants, like a new tv, couch or dinner room table set. And the last one is something that has slowly been going from a want to a need.

We got our current table and 4 chair set from friends of ours about 10 years ago, and it was 5-8 years old at that time, so it’s pushing over 15 years old at least. It’s still sturdy, but it’s starting to peal and bubble, and just looks old. The chairs have holes in cushion, and are dirty that you can’t clean. But truthfully, since we weren’t eating on the floor, we just couldn’t justify the expense of a new set. So when Paul called today at lunch like he normally does and casually asked, “Do we still want a new table and 6 chair set?”  I jumped at it, and said, “YES!”

There was a lady that works with Paul that her and her husband were giving away a 10 year old table and chair set, and they only live about 2 blocks from us. So after dinner we went over to look at it, and instantly liked it. It was very well kept, and it has 6 chairs, but one of the biggest gifts to me was the fact that the middle leaf folds into the table!  I have always, always wanted a table like that, but again never thought we could justify the cost of one. I was so blessed when I saw that’s how this table was. So we instantly put it all in our truck and took it home.

Thank you Lord for all your wonderful blessings to us, and for the special gift of this new (to us) table and chair set with the folding leaf. I give you all the glory for it.

Here are some pictures of the old table and chair, where you can see it was starting to peal and bubble. Paul had already taken 2 chairs out to the garage before I thought to take some pictures.
IMG_0233 IMG_0234Here is our lovely new hunter green table and chair set, it even matches the cookie jar I got for Christmas last year. The other two chairs are in the garage waiting for our first guests. Maybe this Friday.
IMG_0236 IMG_0235

Thank you Lord.


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