Thank you Lord

We are excited, can you guess what we are happy about? Yes, Paul has a job!!!! He is the full time janitor at our church. This job is so from the Lord. When it was first announced it was listed as part time, and Paul was slammed with things to do that week and never had a chance to call the church. The next week it was out of the bulletin, but he decided to call anyway. The position was still open, so he went and talked with the building manager. That’s when he found out they have a part time and a full time position open. So we prayed about it, and a few days later he found out he had one of the jobs, just not sure which one. That gave us time to really go over the different aspects of this job. It starts out at a decent wage, it has increases and such. He’s still might go into a bigger customer service related job sometime in the future, we are leaving that in the Lord’s hands. But for now, we feel this is where he is to be. We are so thankful and blessed that we got this news before Christmas. He starts January 2nd. He’ll be starting about 2 hours later than his other jobs, which is a blessing because he’ll be able to keep doing bible time with the kids each morning before he goes. Dinner will be later at night, I’m sure we’ll get use to that. Thank you so much for all your prayers. You don’t know how much they have meant us. Thank you.

So since I’m putting an entry out, quick update on my week so far. Sunday was a nice mellow day, though we did get lots of snow. Monday we got snow too, then lots of wind to blow all the snow around. Paul and the kids had fun shoveling, then reshoveling. We found out Sunday night that our freezer wasn’t working. Yep, that’s right, the freezer that’s holding the 155lbs of beef we just got last week. We went to sleep, praying that it all stayed frozen until we could get a repair man out. It did stay frozen, but the repair man said it was trashed, too expensive to fix. Friends of ours had an small freezer they weren’t using and they let us borrow it, so we didn’t loose one piece of food. The Lord is so awesome, and I’m so thankful we didn’t loose any of it.

So Monday was the freezer fiasco, with more snow and cleaning the house. Today was baking day, and thankfully some sun. I baked two apple crisps, a pan of chocolate chip cookie bars and a pumpkin pie. We are having friends over tonight for some deserts and coffee, that’s what the cookie bars are for. We go to another friends house tomorrow night for Christmas Eve dinner, that’s where one of the apple crisps go. Then the other apple crisp and pumpkin pie is for Christmas day. We are suppose to get another snow storm tomorrow, and truly I’m not sure where we will shovel the snow too. I mean, we have over a foot now, and we’ve practically ran out of places to put it. I’m not sure what we will do with more snow. But it’s going to be a great time of fellowship tonight and tomorrow, that’s what we are looking forward to. OK, well, tonight was just cancelled, they have pink eye at their house, and I really don’t want it to come here. But actually that will be o.k. for them to canel. With the big job announcement, and the freezer thing we have been stressed a bit, and now the emotional let down. So it will be nice to rest tonight before things start up tomorrow.

So that is our update. Thanks again for all your prayers. I hope to have some Christmas pictures to share. Merry Christmas.


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