Thanksgiving 2014

We usually have Thanksgiving with friends either at their house or ours, but this year we decided we wanted to spend time with my family. We were a bit worried about weather, but thankfully by the time Thanksgiving came around, we were able to go. The kids went out Wednesday night and stayed at my parents house and Paul and I went out first thing Thanksgiving morning. We all stayed over Thanksgiving night and came home on Friday. It was such a good time and I’m so glad that we could make it.

My sister and I did most of the cooking and baking, which was a blast. Of course have to get a photo of us in the kitchen to prove we cooked. 😀
Sarah and I working on sweet potatoes.
A fun family photo.
Can you tell we are a tech family? Those three laptops are just for us, not even my parents or sister. lol
Paul carving the turkey.
Aunt Carrie with Paulie. Love their smiles.
Mom and dad waiting patiently for us and the food.

It was a blessed time out there, and I’m so glad we could make it. Now the holiday season is in full swing, our house is decorated and we are working on lots of fun holiday things. I hope you all had a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

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3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2014”

  1. It was a blessed time for sure. Good pictures and the food was so delicious. I’m glad everyone could be here. Continue to have a safe blessed Christmas and New Years. Love

  2. Great photos! I nearly didn’t make it to our Thanksgiving celebration with friends. It took us (my daughter and I) 1 1/2 hours to do a 40 minute drive. The weather was horrible. When we arrived, everyone else was ready for dessert, and we were only there about an hour before we all headed home.

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