Thanksgiving week snow storm

Well, my last blog post I wrote about the snow, and we’ve now gotten more.  We are actually in a blizzard warning, and we have blizzard like conditions.  We’ll be getting about 4-5 more inches of snow, and our wind is about 35-40 mph with gusts up to 50 mph.  Yep, that’s our fall in the mountains.  😆  Paul took our Jeep to work this afternoon, it has 4-wheel drive, and he dropped Paulie off at a friends house first.  They are going to bring him home, they only live about 2 minutes away, but Paul said the roads were horrible even to there.  Sarah is fighting a cold.  🙁  But right now her and I are curled up on the couch watching a Christmas movie.  I just baked some brownies, and we are about to make some lunch.  I’m thankful for our warm house and cabinets full of food.  Here are some pictures of our day.

This is what it looked like yesterday morning on the way to Paul’s physical therapy appointment.

These are pictures this afternoon, a view from our garage.

And what do you do on a day like this when it’s not wise to got outside more than you have to?  You bake.  😀

They are just box brownies, but they will still be yummy.  It’s nice that we have the week off.  We shoveled the driveway yesterday, the kids started it, then Paul and I finished most of it.  There was still a huge drift in the driveway, but just too big and cold for us to get at.  Our neighbor came over with is 4wheeler and plowed our driveway the rest of the way.  What a blessing that was.  We aren’t even touching our driveway today, it’s just too windy.  Not sure if even my neighbor will get out to plow, though I did just see his son out plowing their driveway a bit.  But with the snow and wind, they’ll just have to do it again soon.

Tomorrow Sarah and I will start making things for Thanksgiving.  We’re spending Thanksgiving at a friends house.  She’s making an apple pie to bring.  I’m going to bring mashed potatoes & rolls, and I’m trying to decide if I want to make some stuffing too.  Then on Friday we’ll make another whole Thanksgiving meal for us while we decorate for Christmas and watch It’s A Wonderful Life.  We like having our own leftovers, that’s why we are making another meal.

So I think I’ll go make some lunch now, finish watching A Christmas Romance, then work on my cross-stitch and try to finish the Christmas presents.  And continue to watch the snow.  🙂

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