The creative side of me

I took a bit of an unplanned blogging break over the last couple of weeks.  My daughter was in her first drama/musical in our church.  So between more rehearsals, the performances and life in general, my blog was a bit neglected.

During that time I was also thinking about the direction and description of this blog.  And though I’m still thinking and praying through a lot of things, I did come to one conclusion, I want this to be more of a creative blog for me.  Whether I’m creating articles, crafts, photos, food or something else, I want to use this blog as a way to showcase what I’ve created.  So if you notice I changed the description of this blog.

I can easily talk myself out of thinking I’m a creative person.  I don’t ‘create’ in the sense that I make my own designs or anything like that.  I need to have a pattern to follow, or have the colors picked out for me.  As much as I enjoy taking photos, I really have a hard time ‘seeing’ shots.  I’m a technical person.  I like to fix computer things, or pretty much anything technical.  So I can easily think “JoAnn, you are not a creative person.”  And if I compare myself to what others do, then maybe I’m not.  Or if I think “Why write about a certain topic, it’s already been written about.”  Maybe that’s true.  But should either of those two thoughts keep me from doing the creative things that I do like to do?  Or should they make me think I’m not creative?  No.

I was recently turned on to a new blog that I have really enjoyed reading, Chatting at the sky.  She is such an encouraging writer.  This post she wrote spoke exactly to what I’ve been dealing with, and to read it was such an encouragement.

So now I’m on the road to trying to allow myself to be my kind of creative, and I hope to share on here more and more.  And on that note I am going to leave you with one of my creative endeavors, photography.  I took this picture last May.  I’m really hoping our weather becomes that nice again soon.



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