The Lord’s Blessings

Today the Lord has blessed me in so many ways.  Paul had off today, and my mom was coming over for the afternoon.  My mom has been on the East coast for 2 months visiting her sisters.  She got into town today, and decided to spend the day with us.  🙂  We will also see her tomorrow for about 1/2 a day before she heads home.  I was quite excited about that, but feeling a bit blue about our finances.  We are really tight right now, and I just spent the last of our money for clothes for Paulie.  I need some clothes, but have not money for it.  Plus, as I was sitting having a pity party about it, I was sitting on the ground on the pillow where my glider use to be.  Knowing we had no money left, I knew I wouldn’t be getting a chair any time soon either.  It was just one of those mornings that it seemed like we had no money for anything, and we were stuck like this with no way out.
I know the Lord will meet all my needs, but I wondered, is a rocker really a need?  I mean I can sit on the floor, right?  Plus, the reason we are so tight with money is we overspent during the summer.  🙁  When we over spend I always wonder, will the Lord really help us, or because its our fault, He won’t.  So all of this was going through my head this morning, as I was waiting for my mom to show up.  Then, about 30 minutes before she was to show up, a dear online friend sent me some encouraging words that really lifted up my spirits.  I started feeling better, and knew that the Lord was with me regardless of how I felt.
Mom showed up and we all went out for a bit.  She took us out to lunch, which was very sweet, then we went to the mall.  We were at the book store and my mom bought me a biographical history book that I have wanted for a long time.  Then we came home and just visited for the rest of the day.  It was so good to see her.  She also brought a box out from the East that my cousin gave me.  It was full of scrapbook supplies, albums, stickers, pages, lots of stuff.

As great as all those blessings were, the biggest surprise was yet to come.  Paul was going out with a friend for some coffee tonight.  The man and his wife are dear, sweet friends of ours.  Well the family, along with the wife’s father, goes to auctions all the time.  So the friend shows up to pick up Paul and says, “Hey JoAnn I have something to show you.”  We walk outside and he pulls a rocker out of the back of his pick-up truck!  He says, “My wife wanted me to bring this over and see if you want it.”  I told her a while ago I was looking for one, but I can’t believe she remembered.  But she was at an auction today and picked it up for me.  They only want $10 for it!  Like Paul said, “SOLD!”
It’s the exact size I wanted, and such a sturdy rocker.  Every chair or rocker I looked at was too big for the space I have, but this rocker is the perfect size.  It is just such a blessing from the Lord, when we really didn’t deserve it for blowing our money like we did.  But you know what, He also used it to show me I need to slow down a little when I want to buy things and give Him time to bless us.  Because if we had had the money, I would have bought one of the chairs/rockers I had seen, spent more than I should have, and not gotten what I was really wanting.  But when I want something, I want something, I don’t like to wait (who does, right?).  But since I had no money, I had no choice.  And because I actually waited, I got to see the Lord bless me with the perfect rocker.  Why do I doubt Him so much, and why do I think the way He treats me is based on me?  I am so sorry Lord, thank you for your many blessings.
Well, I’m off to go read my new book, and sit in my new rocker for a bit.  Of course I won’t end this without some pictures.  🙂
Here is my corner before the rocker, with the pillow I was using.
Here is my beautiful new (to me) rocker.
Isn’t this the most beautiful design on it?
And these are the cushions that came with it.  I washed them up a bit and sprayed them with fabreeze, so they are drying overnight.  They are a bit dated, and we’ll eventually buy some new ones, but they are comfy.  Yet, I do kind of like the retro look.  But the chair is nice without them too.  So either way, it’s good.

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