Things are flowing right along

It’s been a good week so far.  The kids did a half day lessons on Monday for Presidents day.  We school 4 days a week, so we don’t take lots of one day holidays, but we gave them the choice this time.  But they would have to double up their work Thursday – Saturday.  So they decided to do a couple of subjects on Monday, so it wasn’t a full day Monday, yet they won’t have to double up too much the other days.  It worked out perfectly.  Today & tomorrow are our days off, and it’s nice to relax.  I’ve been in sweat pants curled up on the couch almost all day.  My family has been the same way.  It was windy, cold and snowy outside, it was the perfect day to curl up inside.

We might see my parents tomorrow, I hope we do.  But we have to wait and see how the weather turns out.  They have to drive over an hour in open desert to get here, and the roads can get quite bad, especially when it’s icy & windy like it’s been.  I hope they can make it, but we always understand when they can’t.  We just know we don’t get to see them a lot during the winter, and get together all the more during the spring, summer and fall.  🙂

Not a whole lot else going on.  I’ve been busy writing my articles and hubby’s been busy with work.  I’ve been crocheting too, which is a nice break now and then.

This is us visiting my family in their neck of the woods (i.e. higher up in the mountains) last year around this time.  I really like this picture of us.Save

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