Trying to be creative

I’ve been busy with multiple things right now, but the ones I’m enjoying the most is crocheting and photography. I’ve been working on some Christmas coasters for our house. They whip up pretty easy. I made some last year, but all I had was a variegated red and white cotton yarn. I like this yarn much better with the green in it. I think it goes with our Christmas decorations much better. I’ve made 5 of them so far, I need to make one or two more. I’ll be working on them later today.


This is the yarn for my next few projects. I know what I’m making with the tan yarn and with the variegated yarn I’m making something for Sarah’s hope chest, the dark pink I’m just not sure yet. I just really liked the color so I got some. I’ll have to look through my crocheting books and see if there is something that jumps out that I want to make.


The other creative things I’ve been working on is my photography. I tried taking a picture of our Christmas tree the other night. I like the night shots better because I like trying to show how lit up it is. But I still can’t get it to look to well. Any suggestions from you photographers out there?


I worked on this one for a while today. After I got it uploaded and on here I noticed the branch on top. 🙁


So I tried it again and got this picture. I think it turned out ok. After I was all done I realized I should have used my tripod to take this picture. Ahhh, so much to learn.


I’m trying it as my background too. I like the idea of having a Christmas background, just not sure I like the way it is laid out. I think I need to see it for a while to decide if I like it. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Trying to be creative”

  1. Your upcoming projects sound great. Looking forward to seeing them. I always have a hard time taking indoor photos. I think the photo of your tree looks very nice. 🙂

  2. I think your tree picture is quite pretty!
    I often find something in a photo that I hadn’t noticed when I blow it up on the computer.
    I like your coasters too!

  3. You seem to turn out completed projects so quickly. I almost envy you. I asked my daughter yesterday when she thought I’d get my current cross-stitch project done, and she said “Working on it at the rate you are, you might get it done in two years!” For me, that’s pretty good. 🙂

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