Upcoming weekend, tea kettle and snow!

I haven’t talked about it on here because with all the sicknesses going on around here I still don’t know if I will make it or not.  But this weekend is our homeschool groups, first ever, homeschool mom’s getaway/retreat!  I don’t call it a retreat because we won’t have any guest speakers, though we might watch a couple of DVD’s.  But it’s going to be a fun, relaxing and blessed weekend.  We are staying in a fancy house with fireplaces, a couple of living rooms with a pool table and air hockey table.  A huge kitchen, a hot tub and a huge porch all located in the beautiful mountains.  Yep, a weekend of doing nothing but laying around with other homeschool moms, relaxing, having great fellowship, going for walks in the beautiful mountains, working on crafts, playing board games, eating and of course taking tons of photos.  😀  Can you tell how excited I am?


But truthfully, will all the sicknesses we’ve had lately I keep wondering if I’ll actually be able to go.  I figure if I’m packing Friday morning to head out Friday afternoon, I’ll be shocked.  Last Friday Paul was sick with some sort of stomach bug.  I figure me or one of the kids will probably get it this Thursday or Friday.  But the closer I get and the fact that everyone is still healthy, I’m starting to believe I might actually be able to go.  I told Paul I don’t know that I really need or deserve a time away like this.  It’s not like I have little kids and I’m constantly on the run with them.  With two teenagers, things flow pretty smooth without me having to do much.  But he said getting away for a mini-vacation with friends like this is great and he really wants me to go.  So if everyone stays healthy I will be going.  And then next week I’ll be sharing all the pictures I take.  🙂


We had to throw out our tea kettle a week before I was hit with the sinus infection.  Which meant during the time I was sick we had no tea kettle and I had to warm up all the water for my tea in a pan.  🙁  I know, not the end of the world, but I like my tea kettle.  I keep thinking of getting an electric one, but truthfully, I like the ‘olden’ days feel of a tea kettle.  I like filling it with water and putting it on the stove to heat.  I love seeing the steam coming out of it.  I know, I can be strange.  I am also very particular about  my tea kettles.  I want the opening big enough to put my hand in there so I an wash it when need be.  And I don’t want any kind of coating on the inside.  It’s not real easy to find that combination sometimes, but we did find one a couple of weekends ago.  It’s a lot bigger than I’ve ever had before, but I love it.  Of course we have been using it a lot lately, our fall (and a taste of winter) has hit us hard.

 How do you like it?DSC_0122

No whistle, but I actually don’t mind.  I know I could buy something to put on it if I wanted, but I really like just seeing the steam come out and knowing it’s ready then.

We also had our first taste of winter, yes we got snow!  I’ll be showing some more pictures on my creativity blog later this week, but here is one to show how heavy the snow was.  Look at how the branches were touching our front side walk.

It snowed all day.  Thankfully it melted within a day too.  I always like the first few times it snows.  Especially when it melts and the sun comes out the next day.  I’m also thankful it’s gone and the weather looks pretty good for my weekend getaway.  Driving mountain roads when it’s wet and snowy isn’t fun, thankfully it should be clear this weekend.


Though I do get a little run down feeling at times, I am doing a whole lot better.  I have days of coughing or a sore throat, but usually it only lasts a day and is gone, and that could mean it’s just allergies.  I rest a lot (believe Auntie Ella, I am resting 🙂  ), and the kids have been helping a lot when needed.  Today I already have dinner in the crock pot, corn chowder, and simple garlic bread on french toast for dinner.  So all in all, I am doing well.  Thank you for all your prayers.  🙂


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11 thoughts on “Upcoming weekend, tea kettle and snow!”

  1. I see I’ve missed a lot of posts on this blog 🙁 since the friend connect didn’t pick up the feed. I’ll add the RSS.

    I had to smile at your new tea kettle. We just bought an electric one this morning. I’ve been so sick (actually several of us) and drinking hot tea and honey all day long. The stove was taking too long and while we were on vacation in the cabin they had an electric one that I loved…so fast. With the cost of our propane to heat the water, we decided that the 1 minute electric would be cheaper for us.

    Your new kettle is beautiful and I’m sure it will be put to good use. I still won’t put away the one on my stove. I’m sure that I will use it during our winter storms.

  2. SNOW??? Please don’t send it this way, I’m enjoying fall too much. I hope you are well enough to enjoy your weekend get-away and I like your tea kettle!

  3. I am glad to hear you are resting and I DO pray you go to the week end get away. It sounds lovely!

    Oh and I am glad you came over today and saw the definition of the boot camp. I hadn’t got a chance to come over here and tell you what I had posted. I am thinking if you just got the 35 dollar special you would be fine. It is best if you could get the next one up because it saves you money. If you really like the first one then if you wanted to order the second half w/in 30 days you could get it for 25 dollars. But once again you don’t really have to have the second half to get good results. It just gives verity. [o= I looked at October’s special and you get a second workout DVD with the Basic Plus and that is a good deal. [o=

    Hope all goes well.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  4. Oh my, snow! And I do hope you get to go away, but it is good you are being cautious this time of the year. The kettle is so pretty. I have an electric brew pot and steam comes out of the top, it also keeps it warm. We use it mostly for camping, but I’ll bring it in the house next month for hot chocolate and tea.

  5. I love your kettle. We have fixed our chimney and put in a fireplace insert; I wonder if a kettle like that would work on there? It would certainly look right!

    I do hope you make it to the weekend. It sounds like so much fun! Make sure you ladies go for a walk to enjoy the beautiful world all around you! I think a weekend away like that will give you just the rest you need to feel much better.


    Annie Kate

  6. Oh, that retreat sounds wonderful! What a terrific idea! I pray you’ll all be well enough so you can go…and that you’ll have a fun a refreshing time.

    Have you heard of Oreganol P-73 by North American Herb & Spice. It knocks out colds and flu, very effective on sinus problems.

    By the way, I love your teakettle! I’m fussy about mine, too, and this new one of yours has character!

    Blessings on your day,

  7. Wow! Look at the snow. Not sure I’m ready for that here, but it’s pretty to look at. Enjoy your getaway, it sounds like fun. 🙂

  8. I love your teakettle JoAnn! And to wash out that spout you just need a little narrow brush with a long handle that fits right down in it. They are not hard to find. I think you getaway is just what you need to get even more rest and not think about anything but enjoying it all. I will pray that you are definitely well enough to go. God bless you, Love, Auntie Ella

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