Updates with pictures :)

I haven’t been putting out too many pictures, so I thought I would do a quick update on us, and then let you see my slide show from the past few weeks.

Nothing much changing with the house situation. There is a house we like a lot, but it’s about $38,000 more than we can afford. We are probably going to put an offer on it for what we can afford, but since it’s only been on the market about 12 days, I highly doubt they will accept it. So we are still looking and leaving it all in the Lord’s hands.

We surprised the kids today by letting them know this is their last week of school!!! You can bet they are so excited. Actually there will be some subjects they will be finished with by tomorrow, but we’ll keep up with some until Friday. Then that’s it, we are on summer break. Wahoo!!!! Can you tell I like summer break too? Though I feel a little lost this summer. I don’t want to schedule too many things because what if we do find a house, then we’ll be busy moving all summer. But then again, I don’t want to sit around and waste my summer thinking we might move when we don’t. So I guess I’ll just play it all by ear.

I’m going to try and do quick trips to visit my parents and friends out that way this summer. We tend to stay overnight because it’s a bit over an hour drive. But actually, I can drive there, visit for the day and be back home before evening easy. I use to do the opposite drive when I lived out there and came into town here to shop. So the kids and I hope to make that drive a bit more. Plus Paul the kids and I will be making some day trips to different parts of the area we haven’t seen before. And there is a concert in the park series going on the next few months. I’m hoping to save up my money and get those folding chairs that you put in a bag, so we can easily set up some chairs to see the concerts. Not sure how much they cost, but I’ll start pricing them soon, and hope to get some if possible. And then the only things ‘planned’ is our anniversary in 24 days. We are really looking forward to that. After that, my niece has her open heart surgery July 9th. So some pretty big things, some fun, some not.

The slideshow below is from April and this month. Some of our trip back to my parents house, Paulie’s birthday, Mother’s day, just a fun collection. And my neice just called and asked if Sarah can go out with her this afternoon shopping. Goodness, that just reminds me how much my little girl is growing up. I remember putting pictures out of the first time Jessi and her went to the mall. Now it’s become a somewhat regular thing. If Jessi’s coming out this way, she’ll call and ask if Sarah can go. Sarah just gets so excited when asked. They have a great time together too. OK, enough of my rambling, time for the pictures.


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