Water fall pictures

During our vacation last week we visited a local water fall up in the mountains about 1 1/2 hours from us. It was a beautiful day, overcast and somewhat chilly, but a beautiful drive. We had never been in this area before, which made the drive and exploration that much nicer. 🙂

It was such a fun day. It was a interesting drive in the mountains, some really soft shoulders at time, which is really freaky when you are driving. 🙂 Then we hit a point where they had a road sign saying to proceed at our own risk because they do not clear that road in the winter! Again, it was a beautiful day, so we kept driving but it just showed us how close to winter we are, especially in the mountains.

There was two different falls to view. The first one you could only see in a distance, but the second one we got right up close to it. Then the sun started coming out, we were in a gorge in the mountain so the winds had decreased and there were picnic tables around for a beautiful picnic. We just sat and ate and had fun spending time together as a family.

I took too many pictures to show on here, but here are a few and I’ll be putting the rest on my Flickr account in the coming week.













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