We are having fun.

Hi everyone, how is your week going? We are doing great. We’ve been on our Christmas break since last Thursday, and we’ve been having a great time. On Friday night Paul and I went to Paul’s Christmas party, without the kids. It was a fun date night. Lots of good food, friendship and fun. Saturday I went to a mom’s lunch at Perkins. It was nice to sit with other mom’s and talk about our homeschool struggles, and know we are not alone.

But Sunday has been the best day so far. It all started out last week when my mom mentioned she had a few Christmas items she wanted to bring out to us. (She sends us money for the kids and we buy their main gifts from them so that we don’t have to pay for shipping). But she always has little things for the kids, and their stockings, and some gifts she had for Paul and me she wanted to drop off. The weather wasn’t the best, and so she decided to come out on Sunday, that way she could see Paul too. Well, one thing led to another, and my whole family came out for a wonderful early Christmas and a ham lunch.  It was so much fun.

Can you tell Paulie is very excited? All those green presents and stockings are from my parents.IMG_0466

My sister always has to rub Paulie’s head after he gets a haircut.


I like cooking when family is over.


Mom, sister and me.
I like my mom’s shirt, it says, “Who needs Santa when you’ve got Grandma.”


We had a great evening and opened up some gifts. The bulk of the kids gifts from my parents will wait for Christmas day, but they gave us our gifts on Sunday. My parents blessed us with the one gift we wanted the most, a Roku to work with our Netflix account.

Yes, we are both very excited, I just tend to show my excitement more.


We gave up satellite tv about a year ago, just couldn’t afford it anymore. We like the digital antenna service we have. It gives us a movie station, but most importantly a 24 hour sports station.  But we also joined Netflix, and it has been great. With our subscription, we get unlimited movies and shows we can watch instantly on our computer. We have a nice computer screen, but it’s not easy to watch movies on it while relaxing on the couch. That’s where a Roku device comes in handy. You connect it to your tv, and it connects to your Netflix account through your internet and anything you can watch on Netflix, you can now watch on the TV.  Oh my goodness, we’ve been using it so much. We watched a movie on it right away. And though they don’t have as many good tv shows to be able to watch instantly, it does have Deadlist Catch and Surviorman. So I have them sitting in my queue, and we get to pick what we want to watch and when. It’s better than cable. And we also found out that they will be offering MLB.tv on it this year.  That’s the only way we’ve been able to watch baseball since giving up satellite, is through the computer. And now, we can use Roku for that too. By far it was the best gift we got.

And then the next day my dad bought Paulie a gift. He felt Paulie might have some musical talent, so he bought him a guitar.


Paulie has really been enjoying it, well actually we all have. I’m going to try to learn the guitar too. So Paulie and I will be learning together.


IMG_0537 IMG_0539 IMG_0547

Well this entry has been long enough. I’ll write again sooner, so the next entry doesn’t have to be so long. Hope you are enjoying your week.


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