We have some pretty flowers

We are finally green and flowers are blooming in our neck of the woods. My roses haven’t bloomed yet, but my tulips and other things have bloomed. I’m really trying to practice thinking of my shot before I take it. Learning to visualize it before taking the photo. I think I did pretty good this time. 🙂

Though I don’t like the weeds or the badly needing to be painted house in the background, I do love the shadows the flowers cast.

These are a very pretty yellow.

I like the focal point on this one.

This is from a mini-plum tree. We never get to eat the plums, they never have time to grow in our climate, but the flowers before the plums are pretty.

Do you see the bee? It’s towards the middle of the flowers. I was a little nervous taking this, I was pretty close, and I couldn’t quite get the shot I wanted, but I like it overall.

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5 thoughts on “We have some pretty flowers”

  1. Wow awesome pictures. I saw the bee right away. all the pictures were perfect as far as I could see. I need to plant tulips. I like them but keep forgetting them when I look for flowers. Thanks for sharing the great ones you have. Love

  2. Gorgeous tulips! I have really been enjoying mine. And the weeds, while there don’t bother me that much. Like life, we can find beauty around the ugly.

  3. Dear JoAnn, it was so nice to read your comment in my new blog. I treasure our friendship.
    Your flowers are a delight to look at.
    p.s. we need to chat soon, it’s been way too long since our last chat.

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