We start next week

Yep, we start our lessons next week. I’m not sure what day we will start, I don’t have Paul’s schedule yet. For those new to my blog, my husband works retail, so we school 4 days a week, and those days change depending on what days Paul works. So I’m guessing we will start school on Monday the 13th, but if Paul has that day off, then we’ll start on whatever day he’s working. We’ll know on Thursday exactly what day we start on.

Tomorrow we are taking the kids out for the back to school lunch. It’s a fun way to start school up again. We take the kids out to lunch, bring their new schedules with and talk with them about what is expected of them during school. Then we enjoy a nice lunch together. This year we are going to go school supply shopping afterward. Do we really need more school supplies? Probably not, but they are so much fun to buy. 😉

I just finished tonight typing up the schedules and objectives for the kids (talk about cutting it close 😉 ). I think the only thing I have to do is get their Spanish workbook printed out. It’s on the Rosetta Stone CD, and last year I printed it out myself, that’s not going to happen again. I’m hoping I can upload the file to Staples and have them print it off for me. It just took too much ink, paper and time last year. I’m hoping it doesn’t cost too much at Staples, we’ll see.

Sarah’s schedule is pretty much the same, but Paulie’s has changed quite a bit. Now that he is entering high school, he will definitely have more work to do and all of it on his own. He was still doing science with me and history with Sarah, that is not happening this year. So I think Paulie will have the most to adjust too. Though Sarah will have a bit of an adjustment, she will be taking her first online college course. It’s a writing course she’ll be starting sometime in October or November. We decided to not have her start it right away. Thankfully they offer these classes every 6 weeks, so it will be easy for her to start later.

You know how much I like to put photos in my posts but I haven’t been taking my camera out like I should be, and I actually forgot the camera when we went to the lake last week. 🙁 So I had to use my iTouch. It was a fun day at the beach.


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9 thoughts on “We start next week”

  1. Oh I can’t believe school already. wow Its something how you pull that all together. I don’t know where you get it, but you are doing a great job with them. They are smart and very respectful. And I know they love Jesus. After reading this it makes me want to go out and buy some school supplies and do some kind of class. haha I should do the spanish. I have the same one you have but never got into it. Not good. Maybe this time. Love

  2. Hi JoAnn!
    Have fun on your lunch outing today; sounds like a great tradition! My only student picked his books up yesterday after a three-week break. We school year-round, and his main break comes at Christmas. He’s on half-time this week, then back to full course next. 🙂
    Don’t you love new school years? I do, except this year’s… I am down to one student now. 🙁 They grow up too quickly.
    Enjoy another year!
    Shani xxx

  3. Summer always goes by way to fast! Going out for lunch is a good tradition. We don’t do that, but I always make some kind of homemade treat. My kids often request Indoor Smores. We don’t start till Aug 27th.

  4. Hi JoAnn: I was working on our schedule today. I finished it, but want to look it over and tweek it a bit. We were going to start on the 20th, but after looking through his books and getting things organized, I was thinking we start the 13th too. I’m anxious to get started and looking forward to the new school year. Enjoy your lunch out and school supply shopping. Heather

  5. I like your idea of a back-to-school lunch where you go over schedules & expectations, great idea. Anna is anxious for school to start soon. I’ll be more excited when harvest is all done. Wishing you a great school year! Looks like a nice beach.

  6. Oh, that lake just looks like so much fun! It’s bitter sweet, ending summer and starting school. I hope you all have a wonderful year!

  7. We were going to start next week, but several things made me change my mind and postpone starting another week. I think we’ll be more ready with a bit longer break.

    Hope your first week goes well. My kids will have a lot to do this year as well.

  8. I hope that your Back-to-School lunch was fun! I sent you an email in response to yours… I hope you got it. I’ve been having some internet issues. Monday we FINALLY get a new internet and pray that it helps.

  9. So by now you’ve probably started! Wow! Well, I hope you’re having a wonderful time and that God will bless your whole family during this school year.

    I was looking for a book for Mr 17’s Omnibus and bumped into a beautiful, bookish grade 7 English/History/Bible curriculum I’d never heard of before. Making the decision to switch to that was a lot of work, but I’m so excited to have it. I’ve never been happy with our grade 7 and 8 plans for those years…and this even has a schedule laid out. Just perfect for Miss 12 who loves things organized and cut-and-dried. So I’m starting to get excited about starting school. 🙂

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