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Well I think I’ve done it (for now anyway ), I think I’ve got my website set the way I want. Well, it’s at least more usable, and I think I’ll leave it the way it is for now. I do have a photo page on it, that I hope to add more photos too. So go over and check it out if you want to see what it looks like.

I’m still working on curriculum issues, but I’m getting a bit more relaxed with it. I usually look through Rainbow Resource’s website when I’m checking out curriculum. They have such an extensive list of curriculum, and lots of good reviews too. But after a while I get tired of sitting at the desk, and just want to curl up on the couch while working through it all. I completely forgot, I have their huge, paper catalog.  So now, instead of having to sit at the computer all day, I can go through their catalog, make notes and decide what I want. So I will continue with that the next week or so.

The other day I was thinking how different we all are. What is fun, relaxing and a vacation to one person, might not be to another. I think of my friend Jenn. Her and her family have started camping, and they are really enjoying it. I love reading her camping stories, and seeing the pictures, and I’m so blessed that they are getting to do what they really enjoy doing. But when I think of camping, it doesn’t sound fun to me, it sounds like work. Now, first let me say, I grew up camping. We camped every year (and believe me, it was a ‘roughing it’ type of camping). It was fun, and I’m blessed to be able to say we went. But when I think of taking my family, it just seems like work. It doesn’t seem relaxing to me. My kids are older now so it would be a lot easier than it would be to take toddlers, but I think you get my point.

Well hubby and I were talking about trying to take a mini vacation this summer. We would like to, at least take a 3 day weekend somewhere. I was mentioning I would like to go to Salt Lake City for a few days. Get a hotel room, check out the city, swim, just lounge and have fun. He said it sounded like fun, but was wondering if we were going to get to Yellowstone this summer like we’ve talked about. My answer to him is what got me thinking. I said, “To me going out on a nature vacation isn’t a vacation. We live in nature all the time. When I think of going on vacation, I want to do something different, I want to go to a city.” Hmmm, that was just interesting to me. Because deep down, I am a city girl. I like to live in the country, in the sense that I don’t like having neighbors really close and right on top of me, and that all you see all around you is houses, I don’t like that. But I like to be able to go to a city and enjoy what a city has to offer.

Where we live is not what I would consider a city. Truthfully, I don’t consider any towns in Idaho a city, since I’m from Illinois originally.  And I know Salt Lake isn’t huge, but it’s bigger than where we are, and I haven’t been there yet. But I would like to see Yellowstone too. Anyway, isn’t it interesting how we all view vacations and fun different from each other? But I think that’s good. I think when we try to force our beliefs on someone as the most ‘perfect’ thing available, it can be prideful and arrogant.

I remember when we were first moving out here to Idaho from the big cities of Illinois, we were being very prideful and arrogant, and stating how we were finally moving to nature and that was the best place to be. And even coming across like the Lord prefers us living in the country more than cities. How wrong, and I’m embarrassed to admit that’s how I was. But I remember so clearly a dear friend saying to us before we left, “You know the Lord is in the city just as much as He’s in the country.”  Oh how true. The Lord can be glorified in the city, just as much as in the country.

So I am trying to learn not to think one is better than the other, for me. Because truthfully, I enjoy them both. Like I said, I enjoy living in the country, but I enjoy the fun a city offers. So we’ll see how this year turns out. I think we’ll be going to Yellowstone first. It’s what we’ve wanted to do for a while now. Don’t think we can do two mini-vacations in one summer (financially), but we’ll see. And either way I’m going to work hard at realizing that there is something beautiful wherever we go.

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